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The bottom feeder system (abbreviated BF) is a feeding system where the manual pressure of a flask increases our liquid into the atom in the quantity we want.
So you will understand that we will actually use a classic atomizer without a tank, a trivial atomizer, 510, 306, 901 ... what you want, but when it comes to BF you think of a box, which is very correct How much space needed to use this system is only in the boxes. The particular thing is that with the passing of time both mechanical and electronic BF systems have appeared.


The principle is very simple: when you want to unpack, you press the flashed enough, activate our box with the button and push it.
This technique, surely widespread, is called squonk technique.
The liquid is pushed inside the atom and then the flask is partially sucked by the same flask, leaving the wick / cotton well wet. But you can also press the flask while it is pulling: it is a somewhat more refined technique than the classic squonk and takes the name of blind squonk.

IMPORTANT: It is natural that it is not convenient to squint so much as there is no tank, the liquid may tend to get out of the atom.

THE CUP: In any mod box, or BF system, there is always a cup inside of which your atom is screwed: call it catch cap, collection pan, cup or whatever you want but its purpose is simply to contain The liquid that from the warm atom after exhausting will tend to go down.

At the next shot, this liquid will be re-aspirated by the atoms of the air of the atom, and finally the purpose of the cup is to prevent excess liquid from releasing liquid.


The autonomy of the BF is very subjective, both from the bucket, the box from the batteries, but usually the autonomy and based on the quantity of liquid present in the funnel, which however must be recharged. Is it possible to get fired because we did not notice that there is no liquid? Yes, it is possible because the atom and then the cotton can dry out. Well the BF is a NO STOP dripping. A continuous dripping.

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