Vape Chill Pill Electronic Cigarette Flavor



Vape Chill Pill In this category you can find all the concentrated flavors produced by Vape Chill Pill. The Malaysian Aromas that will surprise you with the particularity of their recipes. Many different recipes suitable for all tastes. Exceptional Fruity Aromas and delicious Creamy Aromas will accompany you in your intense days. Choose the one you like from 12 different recipes. Simply add your Neutral Base to create the Electronic Cigarette Liquid you want.

Life is like a Drug, Take a Pill.

In this category you will find:
- Vape Chill Pill Slushy Grapefruit
- Vape Chill Pill French Mocha
- Vape Chill Pill Tropical Mango
- Vape Chill Pill Cranberries Rush

Vape Chill Pill

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