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Now online the new line of decomposed liquids Cigar Crème this series of liquids is going to contrast with all the concentrations of liquid for ecig invented until now the boys of the tobacconist team in fact reported the recipes of cigarillos (Cigars) flavored in liquids for electronic cigarette these are the first three that are produced in concentrated aroma 20 ml format to be diluted up to a maximum of 60 ml of liquid and then to be finished with Vg and nicotine bases to have a liquid ready to vape.

Aromatic Aromas Cigar Cremè and small description:

Cigar Crème Vanilla:  i real vanilla flavored cigar

Cigar Crème Coffee:   the liquid that will amaze you if you have ever smoked a cigar in coffee this is the exact copy in liquid format from vape

Cigar Crème Taste Classic Taste:   the flavored cigars

Dilution of decomposed liquids La Tabaccheria

For the dilution of the 20 ml decomposed Aromas the tobacconist recommends adding 4 bottles of 10 ml of neutral base 60 VG 40 PG (Glycol Glycerine) now we will go and give you some examples of diluted aroma dilution to obtain the liquid of your desired nicotine.

  • To obtain a Nicotine Zero liquid, add 4 bases of 10 ml WITHOUT NICOTINE
  • To obtain a liquid with Nicotine 3 mg add 1 bases of 10ml Nicotine 18 mg and 3 bases of 10ml Nicotine Zero or a flagon of VG 30 ml
  • To obtain the liquid with Nicotine 6 mg add 2 bases of 10 ml Nicotine 18 mg and 2 bases of 10 ml Nicotine Zero
  • To get the Nicotine liquid 9 mg ml add 3 bases of 10 ml Nicotine 18 ml and 1 base of 10 ml Nicotine Zero
  • To get the nicotine liquid Nicotine 12 mg 4 bases 10ml Nicotine 18mg ml

Liquid dilution to have more aroma and stronger taste

If you want to have a stronger taste you can dilute the 20 ml of concentrated aroma in a total of 50 ml thus having a greater amount of aroma. In this way the taste of the liquid does not change but you will get a stronger taste

Liquido tabacco e crema sigaretta elettronica

Liquido Vaniglia e tabacco Cigar Creme la tabaccheria

Liquido La Tabaccheria scomposto Cremè Classic Taste

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Il Piadinaro dello Svapo JK Barrel Aroma 20 ml Available from Smo-king in preview the new Triple Concentration Aroma produced by La Tabaccheria. A Liquid born from the collaboration between the famous manufacturer of Tobacco Extracts and the Piadinaro of Svapo. This new taste comes from the encounter of a fine Tobaccos Blend and a mix of Whiskey. A unique aroma
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Cigar Crème Classic Taste Liquido La Tabaccheria Aroma 20ml New line La Tabaccheria Vanilla of the Cigar Crème series now Online taste of classic cigarillo excellent for lovers of flavored cigar formed in 20 ml of concentrated aroma. Tobacco experts constantly work to give only the best in their products and this line aims to revolutionize the electronic cigarette market.
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An exceptional Limited Edition of only 6000 pieces for all lovers of MTL Vaping. Il Sigaro Italiano Riserva is a surprise that La Tabaccheria wanted to give to all its followers. An Electronic Cigarette Liquid in Triple Concentration Aroma format that will surprise you. The classic flavor of the Italian cigar in a special version with the Barrique technique. An apotheosis of aroma