BASES COMPLETE PACKAGE containing Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Nicotine



Smo-King in this Category selects for you only the best Vegetable Glycerines and Propiolenic Glycols, at the best price and in Full Package format. A complete package that will include only the best Glycerin + Glycol + Nicotine at your convenience. Perfect broken down bases to best make your Electronic Cigarette Liquid; try them with your Electronic Cigarette, or choose it in the Electronic Cigarettes category, where you will find all the best Complete Kits and Basic Neutral Kits for Quitting Smoking Traditional Cigarettes. We know better what we mean when we talk about PG and VG! Description and differences between PG and VG. What are?

What is PG (propylene glycol)?

PG is the so-called propylene glycol generally considered safe and non-toxic enough to be used in a wide range of different consumer products.

PG has many useful properties, including being a humectant (which means it helps keep things moist), a preservative and a solvent. Thanks to these properties, it is used in various sectors and for various products such as: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food for animals and men, food flavorings and many other products. It is also easy to vaporize, and this has led to its use in asthma inhalers, theatrical fog machines and vaping liquids for the electronic cigarette.
What is VG (vegetable glycerin, glycerol)?

VG, that is, vegetable glycerin or glycerol is more viscous than PG. Like PG, VG is non-toxic and is generally considered safe in the food sector.

It also has a wide range of uses. This is thanks to its characteristic of being sweet, its role as a solvent, the fact of being a preservative and its ability to help things keep humidity.

It is used in pharmaceutical products (such as cough syrups, ointments and creams), cosmetics, such as hand cream and toothpaste, as a component capable of preserving humidity in cooked foods and as a solvent for things such as flavorings and food coloring.
Key differences between PG and VG for vapers?

Based on their chemistry and their uses, there are many similarities between PG and VG. But there are also several key differences. These differences become important when you are evaluating how much PG and VG you want in your vaping liquid.

Pure Base for Electronic Cigarettes is used to make the vaping liquid Glycol and Glycerin

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