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Leaving the translation from English to Italian when it comes to bottom feeder system (from now on BF) is a feeding system where the manual pressure of a flask increases our liquid into the atom in the quantity we want.
So you will understand that we will actually use a classic atomizer, a banal atomizer, 510, 306, 901 ... what you want.

No tank, no different CE. A simple atom.

Another thing: When talking about BF, it's usually spontaneous to think of a mod box, and this is basically correct because almost all the mod boxes in circulation work this way.

I have to point out that there are also mod boxes, indeed, wooden boxes made specially to contain tanks with cartom or the like. These are of course not BF systems, they are just unlikely exercises of various modders that I would personally advise to avoid because if you want to unpack a cartom in a tank with satisfaction you only need a good Provari and not anything else.


The principle as I said in the front fence is very simple: when you want to unpack, you press the flap enough, you activate our box by means of the button and it pops up.
This technique, surely widespread, is called squonk technique.
The liquid is pushed inside the atom and then the flask is partially sucked by the same flask, leaving the wick well wet with liquid.

But you can also press the flask while you are pulling it: it's a bit more refined technique that I recommend to try when one has become familiar with classic squonk and takes the name of blind squonk.

The first time you press the flask is not unlikely to flood the atom because it has pressed too hard or too long but I can assure you that after half an hour of use you have already taken the "measurements" to the squonk and will not pass Plus the atom.

It's really easy, it does not need to be genes. You do not need to take courses.
Once you do not need to see video tutorial guides.
But, above all, it is not necessary to become schemas with adjusting rings or adjusting glands.

As you all have noticed in any mod box, or BF system, there is always a cup inside of which your atom is screwed: call it catch cap, collecting pan, cup or whatever you want but its purpose is simply to Hold the liquid that by the warm atom after exhausting it will tend to descend downwards.
At the next shot, this liquid will be re-aspirated by passing through the forks of the atomic air and then eventually the purpose of the cup is to prevent excess liquid from causing the liquid to slip.

Of the various boxes I had noticed that only the Bogger VV had a really small cup that contained very little fluid. For the rest any other manufacturer or modder ensures their own products cups of the right measurements that prevent various overflows.
So you do not have to worry about it, there are no real risks.
When I go by car with the Grand VV I keep it almost horizontal and never, I say never, I poured liquid on it. It only happened to me with Bogger.
However at first, when you still have to learn how to use it well, be careful, I recommend.


The good thing about the BF system is that you do not have to press the flask at each shot.
Generally, but this depends on the atom you are using, with a squonk you can make an important number of shots, from a minimum 3-4 to a maximum of 7-8.
The autonomy depends not only on the atom but also on the wattage you are loosing.
Clearly if you are using a 2.0 ohm atom with 3.7V battery you will have a liquid consumption, while if you use a 1.5 ohm atom always at 3.7v then you will have a higher consumption of liquid and hence the autonomy between a squonk and the ' Others will be reduced considerably.

While you're out of the way you will feel perfectly when it's time to re-press the flask, it's something that gets instinctive. At first, as with everything, you will have to learn to perceive it, and it is not excluded that you take some fences from the atom that is left dry but, I repeat, it will take a short amount of time to learn the mechanism.


Have you ever tried dripping?
Well the BF is a NO STOP dripping.
A continuous dripping.
This is not a "metaphorical" comparison, this is real. However, the principle is the same, in one case the droplets are dropped from below, while the other pushes liquid from below, but the end result is exactly the same.

In short, releasing it in BF mode is a high quality quirk.


The BF system is tremendously clean

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