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Tabaccheria is a company specializing in the production of organic concentrate aromas with unprocessed true non-processed tobacco for ex-pipe smokers and for the Vapers who want to taste the smell of tobacco


The dilution of our extracts varies according to your personal taste. We suggest to dilute them between 10% and 15%, but this is a general guideline. Our products are made using a technology and advanced technique that allows it to be used immediately, Maturation is not essential, given the high concentration it is possible to use them immediately since they immediately have a good aromatic charge and A well-defined aromatic bouquet. It is advisable to dilute approximately 15% for lighter tobacco (Virginia, Burley) and closer to 10% for dark tobacco (Kentucky, Latakia). In the specific case of Latakia, a percentage of less than 10% may be sufficient as it is a very strong and intense tobacco, we find that 10% of customers find it too intense. Given the high concentrations of our extracts, it is possible to dilute them even at lower percentages than the average indicated and will also benefit the coil life without drastically dropping aromaticity. But these are not universal laws. We can indicate a general path, that is, the percentage recommended by us varies between 10% and 15%, but you are the one who decides what is right for your absolutely subjective taste and in line with your taste buds. The same applies to maturation, however, in mind that an e-liquid prepared with our tobacco extracts is ready immediately and the aromatic base has a very good charge right now that does not need to mature to be appreciated . This is the value of our extracts and the consequence of their high concentration. As always, personal experience and taste buds are the best guidelines for getting the most suitable results for your taste.


Nicotine is naturally present in tobacco and hence, therefore, traces of it even in relation to the extraction type remains in the extract. It's really hard to limit the nicotine traces to zero unless we want to resort to artificial chemicals and in our view not suitable for a handicraft and natural product as we want our extracts. We have often read that nicotine is not in the extract, in some cases it is presented in different forms and it is not always suitable for a simple HPLC analysis to detect it. Regardless of the current provisions, it seemed ethically correct to report the presence of nicotine traces for those who decided to disentangle nicotine and set up a suitable Child Proof cap, trying to be scrupulous even in the descriptions and warnings. In any case, we confirm that if an extract containing 0.15% of nicotine is diluted to 15%, the presence of nicotine in the e-liquid will be at least 6 times lower than 0.15% and is about 0.025% , Which in any case though truly irresistible as a value, is not zero!


We would like to point out that for "Organic Extract or Organic Aroma" we mean an extract or aroma derived directly from the vegetable matrix, in our case tobacco, without the addition of chemical additives or other flavors.

An Organic Aroma has different molecules for so many verses from a "Chromatic Aroma" (artificially reproduced), the artificial reproduction of an Extract or Aroma of Tobacco in general can never match in terms of flavor fidelity an Organic Aromatic Taste or Aroma , This brings with it obviously pros and cons. A Chemical Aroma has generally smaller and volatile molecules that release less residue on COIL, an Organic Extract or Aroma generally has larger and less volatile molecules that release more COIL residues. In simple terms, an Organic Taste extract or aromatics consists of "Good and Aromatic" (generally Terpeni) and "Roasting Substances" (naturally present in the plant such as Resins, Waxes, Fats). Our extraction technique involves eliminating most of these "encrusting" substances. As far as this purification is profound and accurate, the result is that Organic Flavors leave more COIL residues and deposits and this is inevitable. In fact, the incrustations also result from the "Good and Aromatic" substances not only from the "Incrusting" ones because of the difference between the molecules of an Organic Aroma and those that are artificially reproduced.

From this it is understood that a "Good Organic Aroma" also in relation to its density and concentration can not release COIL residues unless it is artificially exalted by reducing the actual organic component within it. High concentrations