Bundle Basette Nicotina TPD TNT VAPE 20 Pezzi

TPD TNT VAPE Nicotine Bases 20 Pieces Bundle buy CONVENIENCE PACKAGE at a special price containing 20 Neutral Bases 50/50 at 20mg nicotine of TNT VAPE.

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Pack description

Bundle 20x Nicotine TPD 10 ml Heads by TNT Vape

Buy 10 ml Booster Bases Bundle made by TNT VAPE in the TPD Ready format with 20 mg nicotine gradation to be used to dilute your Electronic Cigarette Liquids. The Neutral Bases, can be purchased in the 50 VG PG / 50 combination and is a Convenience Pack of 20 Pieces.


The Base TNT Vape 50/50 should be used for the dilution of liquids for your Electronic Cigarette in the 20mg mix format to reach the desired final nicotine content on the total ml contained in the bottle.

Bundle Basette Nicotina TPD TNT VAPE 20 Pezzi