Propylene Glycol PG 50 ml GALACTIKA
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Propylene Glycol PG 50 ml GALACTIKA

PROPYLENE GLYCOL 50 ml in 120 ml bottle, made by GALACTIKA to better Vape your favorite Liquid and Electronic Cigarette with FULL PG Neutral Base.

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Propylene Glycol PG 50 ml GALACTIKA

Propylene Glycol PG 50 ml GALACTIKA Buy the new Decomposed Bases 50ml in 120ml bottle branded Galaxy Vape from Smo-King at the best price online. PG Propylene Glycol with the best USP certified raw materials to mix your Electronic Cigarette Liquids. Neutral Bases of certified quality with which you can prepare your Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes, just mix your favorite Concentrated Flavors, the desired Nicotine content and you will be ready to Vaping.


It is an odorless and colorless liquid, clear and viscous with a sweetish taste, highly hygroscopic and miscible with water, acetone, and chloroform.

Propylene glycol is used:

  • as a solvent in many pharmaceutical preparations, in formulations for oral, injectable and topical use
  • as a humectant in medicaments, cosmetics, foods and tobacco products
  • as a food additive labeled with the initials E1520
  • as a vehicle for fragrances
  • to produce polyesters
  • as a base for defrosting liquids
  • as an ingredient in massage oils in hand sanitizers, antiseptic lotions, and in saline solutions
  • in smoke machines to create artificial smoke for use in firefighter training
  • as an ingredient, along with wax and gelatin in soap bubbles
  • as a cooling agent for beer and wine in refrigerated fermentation tanks
  • as a solvent used to mix the developing reagents in photography
  • as a fluid in hydraulic presses
  • in cryonics
  • as an emulsifying agent
  • in angostura and bitters in liquids used in electronic cigarettes together with vegetable glycerol and water
  • as a coolant in liquid cooling systems
  • in veterinary medicine to treat ketosis on farms

Glicole Propilenico PG 50 ml GALACTIKA

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