Neutral Base Kit 12 mg 100 ml Galactika

NEUTRAL BASE KIT 50/50 size ideal for making your favorite Liquid and Electronic Cigarette, quickly and easily, 100ml of Ready Base with 15 ml of PG Propylene Glycol, 250 ml of VG Vegetable Glycerin and 6 Tnt Vape Bases 50/50 at 20mg / ml, to make a 12mg Nicotine Base, all you have to do is mix everything with your favorite Aroma.

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Neutral Base Kit 12 mg 100 ml Galactika

Neutral Base Kit 12 mg 100 ml Galactika Buy the Neutral Base 50/50 made by Galactika from Smo-King, for your Electronic Cigarette; the Pack that's right for you, with everything you need inside to create your Electronic Cigarette Liquids with your favorite Concentrated Flavors. Inside the Pack you will find 100ml of Ready Base with 6 Nicotine Bases 50/50 at 20 mg, 15ml of PG Propylene Glycol and 25ml of VG Vegetable Glycerin, to be mixed with the Aroma you want, so that you can create a Base from 12mg.


With this Kit you will be able to obtain 100 ml of base 50/50 VG / PG by mixing the contents of the 2 bottles received and the 6 Nicotine 10ml. From careful research, the best bases for vaping have been selected with an excellent aromatic yield and excellent steam production. The GALACTIKA neutral bases are the best on the market and are excellent for creating your own electronic cigarette liquids. Suitable for cheek, flavor and cloud chasing vaping.


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