Vape dictionary or vocabulary

Vape dictionary or vocabulary

Italian dictionary or vocabulary

Dictionary or Vocabulary for the Italian Vape This is the first and only Vocabulary / Dictionary of the vape where you will find the most commonly used terms and abbreviations, we will try to explain them in order to have clearer ideas on ecig

Dictionary or Vocabulary for the Italian vape terms and technical abbreviations
VAPIC DICTIONARY By Stefano Porcelli

    ADV (All Day Vape): acronym used to indicate an e-Liquid that can be vaped all day and that for a long time does not tire.
    AFC: Air Flow Control - definition of English origin that indicates the regulation of the entry of air into the atom.
    Analog (cigarette): term used to describe the traditional cigarette, the combustion one.
    Concentrated aroma: this term indicates an organic extract, with natural or artificial flavors, which serves to impart a particular flavor (fruity, creamy, tobacco, for example). They can be of the shake & vape type, therefore ready, or slow ripening once mixed together with the neutral base.
    Atomizer: the atomizer is the main element of all electronic cigarettes, the component to which the task of transforming liquids into steam is delegated, by overheating the coils (resistances).
    Regenerable atomizer: atomizer to which it is possible to replace the coils / resistors, generally prepared in the home environment, with special tools.
    Atty: somewhat common American abbreviation used to indicate the atomizer, i.e. the atomizer.
    Automatic: term used to identify a type of electronic cigarette that is activated only by aspiration and therefore does not require activation via a button.
    Neutral base: a liquid in different concentrations of PG / VG i.e. propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. It has a neutral and unflavoured flavor; if desired, the preferred aroma and nicotine can be added in the desired quantity.
    18650 battery: this is a Li-On or Ni Mh battery. The 18650 specification is the indication of the battery size 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm in height. Another common type of battery is the 26650 (therefore 26mm in diameter).
    Battery: when we talk about electronic cigarettes, the term battery generally indicates the battery box. That is, the one who supplies energy to the atomizer. At the beginning, it indicated the simple battery with power button and connector; to date, however, the term has been maintained to identify the circuits used to stabilize the current and to vary the voltage. The term Box is also used because it generally has the shape of a box or tube when the shape is tubular.
    BB: initials of Big Battery, that is, of an electronic cigarette with large batteries and / or high autonomy. It can be both mechanical and circuitry.
    BCC: acronym that stands for bottom coil clearomizer, that is, the resistance positioned at the bottom.
    BDC: Acronym of English Bottom Double (Dual) Coil which refers to the double coils positioned at the bottom of the atomizer.
    BF: Acronym of the English Bottom Feeder that refers to a vaping technique that prevents the use of RDA that are fed with the liquid from below. These atoms generally have a perforated 510 pin and are screwed onto boxes whose attachment has a corresponding hole. The liquid passes through the connection hole, which comes from a small tube that leads to a bottle housed in the box. The feeding of the atom takes place by squeezing (squonkando) the bottle every now and then, an operation made possible, in most cases, by inserting a finger into a window practiced on the door or on the side of the battery.
    Bottom Feeder: this term is mainly used to indicate a box, which uses an atomizer with the passage of liquid through a hole on pin 510.
    Box-mod: Electronic cigarette, generally box-shaped, in which rechargeable batteries are inserted, with or without an integrated electronic circuit.
    BVC: Acronym of the English Bottom Vertical Coil which refers to the coils arranged with the vertical axis, in the lower part of the atomizer with the wick that wraps the coil from the outside and the air that passes through the central hole. The term became famous when in 2014 Aspire produced spare coil heads for the Nautilus with this shape. The advantage of the bottom vertical coils is that there is no need to invert the atomizer to impregnate them with liquid and the greater uniformity with which the air envelops the resistance passing through the hole. On the other hand, they are more complicated than the classic horizontal coils wrapped around the wick.

Bypass: mode of a box used to emulate the functioning of a mechanical system. To be used only if you have knowledge of mechanical systems.
Cap: cap usually used to close tanks or drippers.
Battery charger: can be used to recharge the batteries of the electronic cigarette, and can be found in different slots (places for the batteries) 1/2 / 4/6/8.
Cartomizer, Cartom, Cartomizer: these are disposable cartridges inside which there is resistance inside a cotton gauze that will need to be wet with liquid to function.
Cartridge: terminology indicating ego-type (obsolete) systems.
Case: case for electronic cigarette, or valuable tubes or mechanical mods.
CE2: small 510 type clearomizer, with the wick on the top.
CE5: clearomizer, has the wick positioned inside a cylindrical core, have an ego type attachment.
Clearomizer: they take their name from clear, as you can see the status of the wick, and the charge of liquid contained inside the refillable cartridge.
Coil: the coiled resistive wire. It can be of A1 kanthal, stainless steel, nickel chrome ... It derives from the English coil. It is often synonymous with resistance.
Cut-off: term used within the box with circuit. It is the limit of use of the battery discharge, before reaching a too low voltage threshold. Exceeding this limit would invalidate its use, (usually it is set by the box manufacturer).
Delrin: material used for the construction of drip tip.
Drip Tip: accessory, also called mouthpiece, which is generally in delrin or ultem (in more recent systems)
Dripping (Dripping): action that consists of pouring a few drops onto the cotton of a dripper, to prevent the latter from going dry. The term was borrowed from a pictorial technique from the past.
Dripper: Type of atomizer, without tank, with visible coils, in which the resistances are wetted from above, dripping.
Dropper: dropper.
Dual Coil: any system that requires the use of two resistors.
Dry burn: reuse of atomizer coils. It provides for the dry activation of the coils, without cotton, to allow their cleaning from incrustations with the use of tweezers and washing under running water. The translation of this term is in Italian precisely, dry burning
DIY: acronym for "do it yourself", do it yourself. It can be understood as the act of regenerating or as the production of homemade liquids.
E-cigar: term used to indicate the "electronic cigar".
E-cigarette: another noun, which derives from English, used to indicate the electronic cigarette. Often abbreviated to E-cig. The e prefix stands for electronic, this to differentiate it from the traditional cigarette.
E-liquid: another noun for e-juice. The word indicates the refill liquid for electronic cigarettes.
E-pipe: term that means electronic pipe. They are generally shaped like traditional tobacco pipes.
Ego: this word can indicate the type of battery, the male or female battery connection, the male or female atomizer connection ... It was widely used before the advent of the new electronic starter kit cigarettes. These types of attacks or cigarettes have been largely replaced by the attacks with pin 510 or by electronic cigarettes with built-in atomizer.
Resistive wire: the wire generally used for the manufacture of coils can be Kanthal A1, stainless steel, nickel chrome or titanium.
Five Click: the number of clicks needed to turn on the batteries or boxes, in fact, most of these devices require 5.
Flavor: term that often indicates that the system used has a higher yield of the aroma to the detriment of the vapor yield.
Fused clapton: type of coil. Generally used on regenerable systems. They are made up of a 2-wire core and a wire which turns spirally on them.
Gauge: American unit of measurement used to locate a section of wire, the term awg is also used. The most used sizes range from 20 awg up to 36 awg.
Hit: American term that identifies the blow that is felt in the throat, during aspiration. Often it is due to the amount of nicotine contained in a liquid, the greater it is, the greater the blow felt in the throat.
Hot Spots: during activation, they are the hottest points on the coils. These are points that must be removed with the help of ceramic tweezers, widening the coils, because otherwise they would form micro-welds.

mAh: milliampere-hour (symbol: mAh), this is the measure used for the capacity of a battery. This unit of measurement also indicates an hourly time limit, with which the battery will be charged or discharged according to the mah used to use the device. Ex: if we use a 5000 mAh battery, we can commit the battery with a consumption of 1000 mAh for 5 hours. 18500 batteries have a capacity ranging from 2600 mAh up to 3500 mAh (for the most commercialized).
Mechanical: a device that uses no circuit to operate. It is therefore an operating system therefore purely mechanical.
Mesh: system used to regenerate that uses small "sheets" of very fine metal mesh. To be used, these must first be oxidized by means of an open flame.
mg / ml: unit of measurement often used to indicate the nicotine content in liquids in relation to the milliliters used to form the liquid. E.g .: liquid 3 mg / ml of nicotine (per 10ml of liquid), otherwise 0.3 mg / ml (per 1 ml of liquid).
Mod: terminology used to abbreviate the word modification. These are boxes or pipes generally the result of design by modders or companies in the vaping sector. They are "modified" products in terms of performance, circuit and aesthetics.
Mechanical Mod: mechanical boxes or pipes that do not contain circuits, therefore they work mechanically.
Modder: terminology used to indicate the one who uses the ingenuity to produce innovative products in the vaping sector (and not only).
Mouthpiece: part used to aspirate from the electronic cigarette. Also called tip or drip tip.
Nicotine: alkaloid substance extracted from tobacco, introduced in Europe by Jean Nicot, from which it will derive its name. It affects the nervous system, with first stimulating and then relaxing effects, generating addiction. It is a toxic but not carcinogenic substance, however if absorbed in high doses, about 60mg / ml, (difficult to find on the market) can be lethal.
Nickel Chrome / NiChrome: alloy composed of nickel and chrome. Used for excellent resistance to oxidation. It can reach operating temperatures up to a maximum of 1200 °. Commercially known also as: Ni80, Ni200.
Passtrough: electronic cigarette with the opportunity to be used while it is being charged via the USB port.
PG: Propylene Glycol.
Pin 510: standard connector, currently the most used, to assemble boxes, mods, mechanical tubes to other atomizers.
Pin bf: perforated screw (often gold plated) that is screwed inside the pin 510. This hole allows the passage of liquid from the bottle to the dripper.
PV: personal vaporizer, another synonym used to identify the electronic cigarette.
Pyrex: type of glass used in many tanks.
RBA: vaping acronym which means rebuildable atomizer, with this term we mean any regenerable atomizer.
RDA: vaping acronym which means rebuildable dripping atomizer, intended as dripper.
RDTA: vaping which stands for rebuildable dripping tank atomizer. A system that works like a dripper that feeds itself from a tank underneath it.
Resistance: Generally Kanthal, NiChrome or steel wire, wrapped in coils. It can be prefabricated, or intended as self produced. Also synonymous with coil.
Regenerable: in contrast to the heads prefixed on the tanks, by this term we mean an atomizer in which the self-produced coils can be replicated manually. See RDA, RDTA or RTA.
Refill: fill a tank or an electronic cigarette tank with liquid.
RRP: RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE acronym used in the Market to indicate the Sale Price Recommended by the Manufacturer / Modder
RTA: vaping acronym which means rebuildable tank atomizer. It is basically a dripper positioned inside a tank. By this term we also mean a system that uses both prefabricated coils and bases of the same type but regenerable
Single Coil: a regenerable system that works with a single coil or resistance.
Starter Kit: starting point, generally a complete cigarette, which smokers approach to become familiar with the vape and quit smoking.
Squonkare: in practice, with this verb coined in the world of vaping, it is intended the act of pressing the bottle to make the liquid contained in it flow, through the perforated pin, to the deck of the atomizer (dripper). In this way the cotton will be sprayed with liquid, in order to start the vaporization.
Squonk box: box that can be mechanical or circuited (often DNA). Generally it adopts the bottle system (see the term squonkare) and bottom feeder atomizer, that is with positive pin (therefore drilled).
Stacked: term used for mechanical pipes that use 2 batteries stacked on each other.
SubOhm: scope of use of mechanical or circuit mods, in which the resistances know

TANK: with this term ("tank") we can mean both the complete atomizer, precisely tank type, with resistors or regenerable, and the spare glass of the atomizer.
TC: acronym that means temperature control, that is temperature control. This system set on box circuitate, is used exclusively with dedicated wires, usually steel, nichrome, titanium. A system that works by temperature (the coils must be set at room temperature), replacing the watt control.
TCR: acronym that means temperature coefficient of resistance, or temperature coefficient of resistance. It is a system that works on the basis of the coefficient set on the box for the resistance material used. Based on this coefficient, the resistance of the wire will vary according to the measured temperature. N.B: almost all materials are usable, apart from kanthal, as it does not have the ability to vary the resistivity in this type of use.
CHEEK PULL: a vaping system that involves a first phase of aspiration in the mouth of the steam and then inhaling it into the lungs. MTL, mouth to lung, from mouth to lungs is used in English. The first electronic cigarettes were all by cheek.
PULMON SHOOTING: in vaping, with pulmonary pull the vapor is sucked directly into the lungs without therefore holding it in the mouth. The systems used are very airy, like dripper, tanks that work at high wattages.
VG: Vegetable glycerin, glycerol. Used in the food, pharmacological and cosmetic fields. Its abbreviation is E422. It is the part that creates the most steam when used with the electronic cigarette. It has the characteristic of not being toxic and of evaporating at a relatively low temperature (290 °).
VV- VariVolt - Variable Voltage: The cigarettes that use this system allow to vary the volts as regulation. A striking example is the Justfog Q16.
VW- VariWatt- Variable Wattage: Most electronic cigarettes allow you to vary the watts with this system. As the steam increases, the heat will be more intense.
WICK: a lanyard or wick, used in atomizers, in the first generations of electronic cigarettes. System become almost obsolete to date. The liquid is transported by means of this lanyard, up to the resistance, to then be evaporated and aspirated.
WIRE: wire.
WRAP: in vaping, film used to replace the original film of the battery, when it is peeled or damaged. This replacement is called rewrap and is used to prevent the exposed metal parts of the battery from creating short circuits with the metal body of the mod (generally mechanical).
WTB: WANT TO BUY acronym used in the markets to indicate the will to want to buy a specific product
WTS: WANT TO SELL acronym used in the markets to indicate the will to want to sell a specific product
WTT: WANT TO TRADE acronym used in the markets to indicate the will to want to exchange a specific product

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