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Producer of liquids and aromas for the electronic cigarette with and without nicotine in this very known for its creamy and fruity creamy flavors that mixed intieme you can create your recipe from vaping


Aromas for ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE of e-liquid concentrates STUDIED FOR THE SVAPO
High concentration flavors for DIY e-liquids
Our range of concentrated e-liquid aromas can satisfy every taste need, from fruit to tobacco and all the rest. All products are made in Italy; our goal is to offer the best quality at the best price.
We are a company with 30 years of experience in the food flavor sector and we are constantly looking for new solutions. In our e-liquid store you will find different flavors of concentrated flavors of e-liquid: tobacco, fruit, sweets, drinks.
Our e-liquid flavors are suitable for both cooking and steaming

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