Double White Custard Tobacco Decomposed Aroma 20 ml Galactika

DOUBLE WHITE CUSTARD is a Liquid and Electronic Cigarette 20ml Aroma format in 60 ml made by GALACTIKA in collaboration with LA TABACCHERIA flavored with: TOBACCO WHITE and CUSTARD GALACTIKA.

Pack description

Buy the brand new Double White Custard from Smo-King, the Liquid for Electronic Cigarettes born in collaboration between Galactika Mod and La Tabaccheria. Another recipe from Team Galactika that will surprise all Vapers who love Creamy and Tobacco Liquids, but above all it will conquer all your Electronic Cigarette Atomizers. A Creamy Aroma with an intriguing taste, of the beloved and much desired Double Custard, fused with the famous Tobacco White 4Pod of the Tobacconist's, suitable for all Flavor Chasing and Cloud Chasing Atomizers, but also for Pod Mod. Let yourself be conquered by the latest idea of the Galactika and Tabaccheria team, a Liquid that will make your Vaping unique.


Double White Custard was born from the collaboration of two leading companies in the world of Vaping, Galactika Mod and La Tabaccheria. This fantastic Creamy and Tobacco Aroma is made with the Selective Purification process, where the Fire Cured Tobacco becomes completely "White" for your Electronic Cigarette. Double Custard and Double White blend together and create a new and wonderful taste experience, where the best-selling Vanilla Cream joins one of the best Tobacco Liquids.



All Galactika Liquids are Triple Concentration Aromas and for this reason they cannot be used as they are but must be diluted before use. These products are 20ml Pg Aromas supplied in a 60ml bottle. The aroma must be mixed with 30ml of Vegetable Glycerin to obtain your Liquid for Electronic Cigarette. Once the Glycerin has been added, it will also be possible to add nicotine through the 10ml Base.

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