GOZEE BUNDLE GoZee Kit Innokin + White Latakia + VG Shot

Kit Gozee is a compact Electronic Cigarette, in this Gozee Bundle you will have the opportunity to buy at the best price all the essentials to start vaping. In fact, thanks to this Complete Package you will receive everything you need to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping with the Innokin GOZEE GO Z + Complete Kit (color as you like), White Latakia Aroma 20ml and VG Shot 30 ml by Glactika.

Pack description

Buy GoZee Bundle with GOZEE GO Z Electronic Cigarette + 60W Innokin Complete Kit included in the package + La Tabaccheria Extreme 4Pod White Latakia Aroma 20 ml + VG Shot Vegetable Glycerin 30 ml Galactika.


Gozee Kit consists of a 24mm Atom Go Z + with 3.5ml liquid capacity and a GoZee Box Mod produced by Innokin in PC and ABS. Gozee is powered by a 2100mAh Integrated Battery, with an adjustable power from 6W to 60W, in fact you can easily switch from an MTL Vape to an RDL Vape. Compatible with all Innokin Z Coils, thanks to these resistors, incorporating the AFC your Cigarette will offer you a better yield, lots of vapor and flavor of your favorite Electronic Cigarette Liquid.


The White Latakia EXTREME by Tabaccheria is an extremely clean version of the Latakia extract and suitable for all systems with interchangeable resistance and latest generation Pod Mods. Thanks to the selective purification and further processes carried out by the tobacconist's team for the Extreme line, this Liquid will guarantee an exceptional duration of your Complex and normal Coils. A real revolution in the world of completely natural organic liquids for electronic cigarettes with carefully selected tobaccos.


Vegetable Glycerin made by Galactika in VG SHOT format 30 ml. The best Liquid Glycerin on the market to prepare your Decomposed Liquids so that you can fully enjoy your Electronic Cigarette.