RED ASTAIRE Nicotine Ready Liquid 10 ml T-Juice

RED ASTAIRE is a Fruity and Fresh Nicotine 10ml Liquid and Electronic Cigarette format made by T-Juice. TASTE: RED BERRIES, BLACK GRAPES, EUCALYPTUS, ANISE AND MENTHOL.

AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT GRADATIONS OF NICOTINE: 0 mg / ml, 3 mg / ml, 6 mg / ml, 12 mg / ml and 18mg / ml nicotine.

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RED ASTAIRE Nicotine Ready Liquid 10 ml T-Juice

RED ASTAIRE Nicotine Ready Liquid 10 ml T-Juice Buy from Smo-King the updated versions of the most popular Electronic Cigarette Liquids in the world of vaping, made by T-Juice, in 10 ml Nicotine Ready Liquids format. Fruity, Tobacco, Creamy and Ice Liquids, this time in 10 ml TDP Liquid format, for Electronic Cigarettes and for a special Vape. Liquids absolutely to try with your favorite Electronic Cigarette.


Red Astaire TPD is undoubtedly one of the best known aromas of all Europe in the world of Vaping! The refined taste of this aroma is formed by a prevalent part of red berries and black grapes where joining the intense notes of eucalyptus, anise and menthol create this composition incredibly sought after by all vaper especially during the summer.

RED ASTAIRE Liquido Pronto Nicotina 10 ml T-Juice