Concentrated Flavors 10 ml T-JUICE

Assistenza Sigarette Elettroniche Smo-King


Concentrated Flavors 10 ml T-JUICE

The best Electronic Cigarette Liquids in Concentrated Aroma format 10 ml made by T-JUICE.


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Galactika Double Tart Aroma 20 ml per sigaretta elettronica


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Concentrated Flavors 10 ml T-JUICE

Concentrated Flavors 10 ml T-JUICE Buy the updated versions of the most popular Electronic Cigarette Liquids in the world of vaping from Smo-King, made by T-Juice, in 10 ml Concentrated Aroma format. Fruity, Creamy and Ice Aromas, this time in 10 ml format, for Electronic Cigarettes and for a special Vape. Aromas absolutely to try with your favorite Electronic Cigarette.


  • BLACK N 'BLUE: a bold and charismatic Liquid Electronic Cigarette, a blend with a subtle flavor. Fruity and Fresh liquid with the taste of a diabolical mix of BLUEBERRIES and GRAPES, enriched by a background typical of ANISE CANDIES and underlined by a refreshing MENTHOL and ICE. A worthy rival of the most famous Red Astaire.
  • BLOOD ICE ORANGE: a dego rival also of Red Astaire. Fruity and Ice liquid with the taste of a fantastic and fresh Mix of TROPICAL FRUIT, ORANGE, ICE and creamy VANILLA.
  • CLARA-T: also a worthy rival to Red Astaire. Fruity and Ice liquid with the taste of a fantastic and fresh Mix of RED FRUITS, ANISE, BLACK GRAPES, MENTHOL and ICE.
  • COLONEL CUSTARD: an absolutely Vaping Liquid, with a Creamy flavor. Be at attention! The colonel has arrived. In fact this eliquid should be called the king of VANILLAS. It is lush, creamy, and full of flavor.
  • FOREST AFFAIR: Creamy and Fruity flavor. A marriage of over 10 different flavors that come together to make a special liquid. Specially created for British Vapefest 2013, this creation is an absolute must for berry lovers. Basic ingredients include VANILLA, BLACKBERRY, BLUEBERRY, RASPBERRY, PLUMS and a sprinkling of SPICES.
  • GREEN KELLY: Fruity flavor. A fresh and summery aroma with the unmistakable taste of LEMONADE rounded by RIPE RASPBERRIES, CITRUS FRUITS and SPARKLING DRINK.
  • GINS ADDICTION: A recipe that will satisfy you thanks to the skilful combination of WHITE GIN liqueur extract with the scent of sweet BLACK CURRANT, with the addition of ASSENZIO, essence of fresh LEMON, a touch of MINT combined with a pinch of MENTHOL.
  • HIGH VOLTAGE: A super blend of menthol and maraschino cherries make this liquid a truly original product. Subtle, yet ever-present menthol hits you in the back of your throat followed by a full cherry flavored burst. This eliquid is reminiscent of seasonal sweets that help ward off the cold winter.
  • LIZZY RASCAL: A bold and charismatic liquid, a blend with a subtle flavor. Fruity liquid with a fresh and summery taste of a particular MOJITO with bold notes of STRAWBERRIES and RED FRUITS, accompanied by MINT, CITRONELLA and a pinch of LIME.
  • MINTED: A perfect Liquid to be vaped on a hot summer day, with the fresh taste of ICED MINT. NICE LEMON SLICE: a blend with a sweet flavor. Creamy liquid with the unmistakable taste of a tasty TART accompanied by tasty LEMONS.
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS: bold and charismatic, a blend that aims to surprise with its style and flavorful charm. Fruity and Fresh Liquid with the taste of a splendid combination of flavors, which combine the softness of LIQUORICE and the freshness of RED and WHITE GRAPES, followed by a subtle nuance of MINT and MENTHOL.
  • POLARISED: A Creamy Liquid and Ice at the same time that will drive your taste buds crazy, with the unmistakable taste of CREAM, VANILLA and ICE.
  • RED ASTAIRE: Undoubtedly one of the best known aromas of all Europe in the world of Vaping! The refined taste of this aroma is formed by a prevalent part of red berries and black grapes where, joining the intense notes of eucalyptus, anise and menthol, they create this composition incredibly sought after by all vaper especially during the summer.
  • STRAWBERRY: A fruity and creamy liquid with a taste of STRAWBERRIES with a hint of CREAM and strong notes of RASPBERRY make this aroma one of the most requested in Europe by lovers of fruity tastes.
  • TY4: Created on the basis of the classic RY4 it is a little more HAZELNUT with a sprinkle of CANE SUGAR just to give it a little more magic. By modifying the legendary recipe, the perfect potion was created.
  • UK SMOKES: Dry and not sweet tobacco aroma like the other tobaccos of T-Juice, Recommended for real smokers very strong taste. There are faint notes of BURLEY AND LATAKIA with a smokiness that is reassuring and familiar. A recommended liquid to vape throughout the day dilute concentrated Aroma to 10% and let the liquid mature with Glycol and Glycerin for at least 10 days to have a liquid faithful to the original.
  • VAMP VAPE: taste of heaven. This is an exquisite blend of CREAMY CARAMEL extract with notes of COCONUT. This mix of flavors make this eliquid devilishly good. All day, or occasionally after dinner.
  • BLUE BOMB: bold and charismatic, a blend with a subtle flavor. Fruity liquid with a fresh and summery taste of CHEWING GUM, BLEND OF BLUEBERRY and SWEET ABSENCE that combine wonderfully with each other.
  • TOBACCO CRUNCH: ideal for Quitting Smoking. Tobacco and creamy liquid with the taste of a freshly baked CRISPY BISCUIT accompanied by notes of TOBACCO.


All the products in this category are Concentrated Flavors and must therefore be diluted with the Neutral Base to obtain your Liquid for Electronic Cigarette. After making your neutral base just add the Nicotine, if desired, and then dilute the Concentrated Aroma in the recommended doses.

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