Capella Sweet Lychee Aroma 10ml
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Capella Sweet Lychee Aroma 10ml

Capella Sweet Lychee Aroma 10ml

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Capella Sweet Lychee Aroma 10ml

Product description:

Complete your liquid with a nice treasure. Fantastic Aroma flavored with Sweet Lychee

                  Capella Sweet Lychee Aroma 10ml



Highly concentrated flavors, soluble in water, do not contain fats, calories, sweeteners or preservatives. The highly concentrated nature of these aromas allows us to offer a concentrate with a superb flavor, without preservatives and stabilizers. Made with the best ingredients in the United States.

Also suitable for vegan consumers, gluten-free. Our aromas do not contain animal products of any kind.
Capella aromas are highly concentrated, soluble in water, multi-use. The best natural alternative on the market. All our aromas are tasted and do not contain fats, calories, carbohydrates and sweeteners.

Capella aromas do not contain diacetyl, artificial sweeteners, sugars, saccharin, aspartame, caffeine or sodium of corn, gluten and peanuts.

Some of our aromas can create damages you have plastic tank. This list is not exhaustive, but aromas such as wormwood, cinnamon, mint, citrus and cola can cause damage and it is better to use them in an atomizer / cartomizer with a glass, pyrex or metal tank.

Minimum maturation of 7/14 days is recommended.

Recommended dilution: 5% - 20%

 Suggested dilution For Flavor Capella 5% MAX 20%.
Ingredients AROMA: Propylene Glycol (PG) E1520 (Ph Eur)
Plastic flask with 10ml airtight cap
This listing is for 1 Flask in Concentrated Flavor !!!
Remember that it should be inserted in Base Neutra Insapore, absolute vaping is not possible.

Keep the product in a cool and dry place away from sources of heat to prevent the taste from changing

 Svapo Smo-King Sigaretta Elettronica


Small Indispensable Steps To see how to mix the aromas with the


Procedure N1: MIX the Neutral Base with the Aroma (Purchased on the site directly in the bottle with percentages from 5 to MAX 15% according to HOW YOU LIKE TO FEEL THE LIQUID OF THE CIGARETTE
Example to dilute to 10% Pour the whole Aroma Concentrate 10ml bottle into 90 Ml of NEUTRA Base
In this way you get 100 ml of product ready for SVAPO

Procedure N2: Let the mixture rest with the Aroma Concentrate in the dark and away from direct heat sources for ABOUT 4/5 days (the more you let it rest, the more mature the liquid and then it becomes better)

Procedure N3: Shake the product in a bottle once a day, in this way the molecules break inside it and mix well with the Base.
Repeat this procedure for at least 1 time a day (if two better) for all the days you have your liquid from SVAPO in Maturation.


Procedure with Magnetic Stirrer BUY MAGNETIC AGITATOR HERE

If you have a Magnetic Stirrer, turn at least one hour the aroma mixed with the base and let it rest for at least 1 day with the plate at the temperature
Not less than 10 ° C and not above 37 ° C !!!

The International Shipments are Carried out with DHL and UPS

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