Why SVAPO? it could be called alternative smoke or as some say electronic smoke. Actually the word SVAPO derives from the English TO VAPE which indicates exactly the action of producing water vapor with the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE. Svapare therefore has its own philosophy, has nothing to do with what the traditional cigarette has offered in all these years and the damage that smoking has caused with its "burning" substance hazardous to health. The latest studies have shown that SVAPO is 57 thousand times less harmful than the traditional cigarette.
In the last 5-6 years, SVAPO has grown a lot and has taken many forms such as CLOUD CHASING which means "cloud production". Behind this way of vaping there is a whole world, a "behind the scenes" made of passion, advanced technical knowledge, lots of art, a real LIFESTYLE.

CURIOSITY on SVAPO Around the SVAPO various art forms were born, such as that of the VAPE MODS (production by box artisans in particular materials)
and that of the VAPE MODELS, that is, girls who take pictures while posing, or VAPING or show liquids from SVAPO. In both cases you can find them at VAPING fairs all over the world .
The fact remains that the SVAPO willy-nilly is now part of our system and that more progress is being made. Going back is impossible and when a healthy and positive system for the health of people is born, someone can try to stop it or paralyze it but in the end that system will always manage to find a way to go in its path.