Vegetable Glycerin FULL VG 20 ml in 30 ml Galactika
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Vegetable Glycerin FULL VG 20 ml in 30 ml Galactika

VEGETABLE GLYCERINE 20 ml in 30 ml bottle, made by GALACTIKA to better Vape your favorite Liquid and Electronic Cigarette with FULL VG Neutral Base.

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Vegetable Glycerin VG 20 ml in 30 ml Galactika

Vegetable Glycerin VG 20 ml in 30 ml Galactika The new Vegetable Glycerin made by Galactika in 20 ml format in 30 ml bottle is available from Smo-king at the best online price. The best Liquid Glycerin on the market to prepare your Decomposed Liquids so that you can fully enjoy your Electronic Cigarette. Galactika launches the new Vegetable Glycerin in the 20 in 30 ml format. A sterilized 99.8% EP / USP Glycerin, perfect for creating fantastic Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes. Vegetable Glycerin is a fundamental component to be able to create your Liquids, it is the component that allows the Ecig to produce steam. Thanks to the Glycerin formulate your Decomposed Liquids and put the Turbo on your Atomizers.


Glycerin is a component of lipids and phospholipids or glycolipids, from which it is obtained by hydrolysis or transesterification. When the body uses its fat reserves, it first splits them into fatty acids and glycerol, the latter is transformed into glucose in the liver becoming a source of energy for cellular metabolism. At room temperature it is a rather dense, viscous and sweetish colorless liquid; the presence of three groups -OH makes it mixable with water in all proportions. Industrially obtained as a by-product of the soap preparation, it is used in the production of syrups, creams for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use, as well as a food additive, and as a product for the creation of liquids for electronic cigarettes identified by the initials E422. It is also a reagent used in the synthesis of more complex organic compounds. In the wine it gives roundness to the flavor. It is used in the production of liquids for electronic cigarettes. Liquid glycerol is also used, with 2 parts of distilled water, in the solution for stage smoke machines. It is also used in the production of nitroglycerin.

Glicerina Vegetale VG 20 ml in 30 ml Galactika

Glycerol or glycerin is also a byproduct of biodiesel production. It was first synthesized by Carl Scheele in 1779. Being one of the main by-products of alcoholic fermentation, it was synthesized during the war (fermenting apple and grape juice and inhibiting the reduction of acetaldehyde to ethanol by sulfur dioxide). [Without source] Glycerin has excellent solubility properties for tannins, phenol and boric acid. If present in a high percentage it also has a preservative action and is sometimes added to aqueous solutions. The caustic action of some compounds (for example phenol and iodine) is less in glycerine solution. Because of its viscosity, the glycerine solutions are better prepared by operating hot. Glycerides are remarkably hygroscopic and must therefore be kept in tightly closed containers.

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