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Humble Juice Only at you can find all the Concentrated Flavors produced by Humble Juice. The California-based company that has already conquered the market with its Liquide Pronti has returned stronger than before. Thanks to their experience in the Electronic Cigarette sector, the guys at Humble Juice decided to create a special line of Aromas to be diluted with a neutral base. Many recipes suitable for all types of Vaper. Fruity Liquids and Creamy Liquids that will accompany you during your working day.


All the Humble Juice products that are present in this category are concentrated flavors and therefore different from previous versions. How to prepare Electronic Cigarette Flavor? Humble Juice Aromas are produced to be diluted and not to be used as such. These Humble Juice flavors should be diluted to 20% within the Neutral Base which is composed of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. Once the base is created, it will be possible to add Nicotine through the Nicotine in Water. Once the Neutral Base is ready you just need to dilute the Humble Juice Aroma in the right concentration and you will have your Liquid for Electronic Cigarette.


Within this category you will find the following Concentrated Flavors:

BERRY BLOW DOE - Bubble gum, candies, blueberries and raspberries
DONKEY KAHN - Banana, Strawberry and Dragon Fruit
HOP SCOTCH - Caramel, Vanilla, Butterscotch and Crema
HUMBLE CRUMBLE - Blueberry, Cinnamon, Butter and Graham Cracker
SMASH MOUTH - Strawberries, Graham Cracker and Crema
SWEATER PUPPETS - Mango, Cantaloupe Melon and White Melon
AMERICAN DREAM - Cereals, Citrus and Puffed Rice
UNICORN TREATS - Cereals and Milk
VAPE THE RAINBOW - Fruit, Ice Cream and Candy Mix
PEE WEE KIWI - Watermelon, Kiwi and Apple

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Humble Juice Smash Mouth Aroma 30 ml Available from Smo-king the new Concentrated Aromas produced by Humble Juice. After the great success of Humble Juice Liquids, the great Californian manufacturer has decided to offer on the market a line of flavors that can be mixed with its Neutral Base.