Dago Triple Concentration Aroma



Dago Every successful business begins with extraordinary people, the right timing, a growing industry and the constant desire to achieve something very special. This is what defines B.T.D. Italia Srl and its "DAGO" brand. The company was founded in Giulianova (TE), Italy, by an incredible group of people with the right experience and resources and their common passion for vape and love for authentic Italian taste. Because we want to "break" negative stereotypes and prejudices and "tell" with our liquids the faces of the Italian spirit. For thousands of years Italian aromas and flavors marvel our hearts and amaze our senses. We tried to capture them and enclose their essence in our liquids by telling part of ourselves. The warm sunlight, the freshness of the Mediterranean sea breeze, the scent of Sicilian orange groves and the deep yellow of the lemons of the Amalfi coast. Our liquids are authentic and spontaneous like us. Each puff gives an emotion. Because inside there is the sea, the earth and the sun of Italy.
DAGO liquids are distinguished by attention to detail, a careful selection of ingredients and an authentic passion for things done to perfection. All products are manufactured in Italy, in its own factory located in Giulianova, Teramo, equipped with an internal laboratory. The entire production process is carried out in compliance with European safety standards (Reach, CLP, TPD and etc.) and is subjected to rigorous quality controls in every single phase. In addition, the company pays particular attention to the choice of raw materials and their suppliers. Only pharmaceutical grade ingredients and the best food flavorings are used to ensure high quality products that are completely free from harmful substances or additives.

In this category you can find all the Liquids for Electronic Cigarette produced by Dago at the best price online all Aromas in Triple Concentration version:

Dago Mambo
Dago Tropic
Dago Mascalzone - A dessert that will win you over, the Tiramisù
Dago Amabile - Tobacco Creamy and very balanced
Dago Break - Daily vaping liquid, fruit and cereal mix
Dago Carezza - A floral and delicate taste

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