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TNT VAPE Available from Smo-king, the entire range of ready-made Liquids created by TNT Vape. A set of tastes that will win you over from the first moment. It all started with Booms, the most beloved Tobacco for Electronic Cigarette. A cigar that meets vanilla to give life to something unique. From the Booms then TNT vape opened up to explore new routes creating Creamy Liquids and Creamy Liquids.

Among the most famous liquids of TNT Vape there are:

Nitro Bacco
Shot Bacchus
Goo plosion
Booms reserve

Also the lines dedicated to Concentrated Flavors met the appreciation of the Vapers. Why vaping the aromas of Tnt Vape allows you to taste tastes never tried before. The most popular lines of Tnt Vape are the Colors and the Cigarillos.

Now TNT Vape is ready to conquer all the Svapatori again with its two new Liquids: Shorty Kremino and Strike!

Two liquids completely opposite but made with the same care of all the previous ones:

KREMINO - A chocolate-flavored Cremino with a mustache
STRIKE - An organic tobacco dedicated to all lovers of the genre

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TNT Vape Booms 10 ml Nicotine Eliquid Again available from Smo-king the Booms Eliquid. The beloved recipe of TNT Vape that has conquered everyone with its taste to the All Day Tobacco. Choose your favorite Nicotine gradation and fully enjoy your Electronic Cigarette Liquid inside your Atomizer.
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TNT Vape Sfogliatella 50ml Mix Buy the new Sfogliatella by TNT Vape from Smo-king, the most famous home of eliquid producer of the very famous Booms. With this aroma, TNT will immerse ourselves in the sweet notes of the rich Neapolitan sfogliatelle. Like all creams, Box Mods are required, configured with flavor and cloud atomizers, but they can also be tested with good enough airy MTL atomizers.