AZHAD'S ELIXIR AROMI ISTANTANEI Products of the instantaneous aromas line are aromatic chemicals that are considered excipients. After dilution, leave the product to rest in a cool environment or at room temperature. Always shake before any use. For the use of these products, it is necessary to read carefully the relevant Safety Data Sheet and the risk and caution statements on the label. Being aromatic chemical products to be used only for permitted uses
Store the product in a cool and dry place away from heat sources.

Smoked, dark and mysterious, this blend of Syrian latakia, with slightly fruity undertones, and of balkano virginia, matured under pressure, is uncompromising: the rich enveloping taste of latakia is masterfully combined with the balkano giving life to an enveloping and persistent taste, of great thickness and balancing.

Virginia red and blond and black steamed cavendish are macerated together with pineapple and coconut, matured for a long time in a complex regime of temperatures and pressures, this pipe aromatic surprise and excites already from the first taste: the perfect balance of tastes, from the bright pineapple warm coconut, then come to the tones of freshly baked tobacco, a journey that satisfies and persists.

Extremely dry and highly complex English blend. The important component of latakia is blended without overwhelming the oriental and the Turkish tobaccos, while the African virginia wraps everything in a refined mixture of pipe. Savoring this aroma we suggest you to narrow your eyes ... you will feel transported in a comfortable armchair next to the reassuring crackling coming from the fireplace while the storm beats in the windows.

Extracted by Cohiba Esplendidos cigars, this is an aroma that is able to fully express the taste of smoking a Cuban from the highest levels. The taste of rich tobacco with notes of cedar wood, elegant floral and cocoa accents, toasted cinnamon and still cedar. From one of the best cigars in the world a product of extreme level and thickness.

Sweet black cavendish and dried black cherry macerated together in an aroma that perfectly expresses this classic combination of the aromatic pipe: the aromas the fragrances of the tobacco and the amarena remain separate and appreciable in all their nuances, making a counterpoint to each puff.

An extract of Chianti D.O.C. of the Sienese hills, blond virginia tobacco of four qualities, and a pinch of black cavendish give life to this unique and sublime aromatic blend: the sweet tobaccos are embellished with the addition of the liqueur and spicy taste of the wine, a mysterious and iridescent taste, in which each mouthful savor different nuances from fresh virginia to warm and sweet cavendish, and then feel the pressed grapes immediately wrapped in other aromas.

Mexican and French vanilla dried in the sun are combined in this blend with American virginia also treated in the sun, an aromatic out of the genres for its lack of cavendish, allows you to fully enjoy the taste of these delicate vanilla and tobacco that the they exalt and refine.

The simple and banal virginia, in this blend, takes its place of honor: seven different qualities of virginia tobacco, from blond to red, united and supported by skilled brushstrokes of oriental, Turkish, Macedonian and Syrian. All to accentuate and embellish the virginia in which in this aroma fully expresses its incredible potential.

New Lioquids in Format AROMA DIMENSIONS 20ML - NEW

Starting from the Disaronno margaret, with a long process of triple cold distillation, its unmistakable flavor is extracted, mixed with organic Canadian virginia and a pinch of cavendish prepared with the same tobacco, you get a tabaccoso in which the almond is at the same time voice and chorus, in which the flavors of tobacco and amaretto chase each other in the mouth and nose, playing with your senses.

Take an English mixture, remove latakia and add Ardbeg's rich peaty taste, ignore the Eastern classic and put the best yenidje, at this point combine it with three excellent organic virginia and you will get a result that upsets the senses, in which to each svapata goes from a superb English blend to one of the best peaty whiskeys in the world. This is the best aroma I've ever done, word of Azhad.

From the Senor Azhad the quintessence of the rum is extracted, its sweet and warm notes are accompanied by an American organic virginia that is ringing of its sour sweetness, and by a cavendish prepared with organic Canadian virginia that completes the threesome with its deep roundness. Rum is said to be sipped with some bitter chocolate, it is said only by those who have not tasted this product yet.

Pure Jack Daniels extract is mixed with a black cavendish prepared by us from the best sweet american virginia. The enveloping taste of Jack Daniels, its barricade, its honey and maple blend perfectly with the aroma of tobacco which has become an aroma in which both the cavendish and the bourbon become more than the sum of their parts.

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