NASTY JUICE E-Cigarette Liquids in Triple Concentration Aroma format 20ml



In this Category selected for you by Smo-KingShop, at the best online price, you will find the best Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes, made by Nasty Juice, in the Aroma Shot Series version in a 20ml bottle. Lots of Electronic Cigarette Flavors to dilute for a fantastic personalized Mix, you can Vapes Fruity Liquids, Creamy Liquids, Sweet Liquids, Ice Liquids, Tobacco Liquids; just choose your favorite Electronic Cigarette Liquid, and start vaping it with your Electronic Cigarette inside your Atomizer. The Electronic Cigarette Nasty Juice aromas are food-grade, suitable for vaporization and must necessarily be diluted with Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and if necessary you can also add Nicotine to your liking. Many products available in this Nasty Juice Category and many others are coming soon.

  • Trap Queen Aroma 20ml
  • Bronze Aroma 20ml
  • Bad Blood Aroma 20ml
  • Slow Blow Aroma 20ml
  • FatBoy Aroma 20ml
  • Green Ape Aroma 20ml
  • Gold Aroma 20ml
  • Asap Grape Aroma 20ml
  • Silver Aroma 20ml
  • Devil Teeth Aroma 20ml
  • Wick Haze Aroma 20ml
  • Cush Man Aroma 20ml


All Nasty Juice Liquids are Triple Concentrated Flavors and for this reason they cannot be used as they are but must be diluted before use. These products are 20ml Pg Aromas supplied in a 60ml bottle. The aroma must be mixed with 30ml of Vegetable Glycerin to obtain your Liquid for Electronic Cigarette. Once Glycerin has been added, it will also be possible to add nicotine through the 10ml base.