Blendfeel Tripla Concentrazione



Blendfeel has always been universally recognized as one of the best producers of Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes. Over time there have been many liquids produced by Blendfeel that have conquered the Vapers. From Tobacco Liquids to Creamy Liquids passing through Liquorous ones. A success matured years after years by Blendfeel that never ceases to amaze its users.


In addition to its success with its Concentrated Flavors, Blendfeel has released a new line of Blendfeel Liquids in the Triple Concentration Aroma version. A series of Flavored Tobaccos and Creme that will surprise you. Blendfeel never disappears and its quality remains undisputed even in the new versions of its Blendfeel Classic line.


To make the Taaac aroma a liquid for electronic cigarettes it is essential to follow these instructions. First of all put 12ml of Vegetable Glycerine into the Aroma bottle. Once the two products have been mixed, it will be possible to add Nicotine with the Nicotine in Water. Follow all these steps to get your Liquid ready to be inserted into your favorite Atomizer.


Blendfeel Blonde - Havana Tobacco and American Tobacco
Blendfeel Gold Tabac - The classic Virginia
Blendfeel Marby - A mix between Tobacco and Almond
Blendfeel Country - Virginia with light hay notes
Blendfeel Taaac - Tobacco with Biscuit and Coconut
Blendfeel City - A slightly smoked Burley

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Blendfeel Il Conte Aroma 30 ml Now available from Smo-king the new Double Concentration Aroma made by Blendfeel. Il Conte Eliquid, made in collaboration with Stefano Conte Gargaglione, the most famous Count of Vaping , administrator of the famous Facebook Group Svapo di Guancia. A refined liquid with a creamy taste for all lovers of MTL Vaping. Let yourself be tempted by the first Stefano Conte Gargaglione Eliquid.