Blendfeel Concentrated Aromas



Blendfeel In this category you can find all the Concentrated Flavors produced by Blendfeel to prepare your Liquids for Electronic Cigarette. Lots of Tobacco Aromas perfect to accompany you during your intense days. Blendfeel is a company founded in 2013 that has dedicated all its passion to the production of products for Electronic Cigarettes and innovation. Innovation that has been fundamental to make Blendfeel more and more important within the Panorama of the Svapo. Blendfeel Liquids have always conquered the market with innovative recipes such as Amour Blendfeel, L'Alter Ego Blendfeel and Enigma Blendfeel.

The Blendfeel Electronic Cigarette Liquids have always been among the most appreciated and in this category you can find all the Concentrated Flavors that have conquered the Vapers of the whole world.

So many concentrated aromas dedicated to Tobacco Liquids that mixed with your Neutral Blendfeel Base will allow you to enjoy all the aromatic nuances of Blendfeel's Special Blends.

Put the turbo at all the Blendfeel Aromas in your MTL Atomizers, especially the Latakia Blendfeel, so popular with Tobacco lovers.

Within this category you will find:

- Byzantium
- Bodeguita
- Cuban Blend
- Green Oriental
- Hell's Key
- Dominican Blend
- Burlesque
- Silk Road
- Kentucky reserve
- Avana Raw
- American Blend
- Balkan Blend
- Basma Raw
- Latakia Raw
- English Blend
- Mata Fina Raw
- Perique Raw
- Robert
- Tuscan Blend