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In this Category of Electronic Cigarettes you will find all the best quit smoking kits by Category systems for pre-loaded or rechargeable cartridges with electronic cigarette fluids and spare parts and accessories

Category is a team of expert cigarette world experts
CATEGORY has invented the innovative electronic cigarette that can accompany the smoker
 in its path to the new way of smoking and jerking (SVAPO SVAPO)

CATEGORY has developed a new internal atomizer cartomizer that makes it simple and safe
Electronic cigarette: To charge, simply screw the cartom into the battery and replace it
once it finishes
 All Liquid Electronic cigarettes from the noted company CATEGORY present in tobaccos are produced
made in Italy to CE standards

The company has been active since 2009 with great success
CATEGORY was founded by Fabio Regazzi who succeeded in a short time as a point of reference
in the sale of electronic cigarette kits.
the company headquartered in Seregno Monza Brianza
the company realizes and distributes in Italy and worldwide excluded products to meet
the needs of old blond smokers
CATEGORY was created for the needs of smokers to give a concrete answer to those who sought
for years of quitting smoking