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In this Category Smo-KingShop selects for you, at the best online price, the best Resistors made by JADAM, perfect for your MINI-19 ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE. JADAM is a new leading company in the vaping sector, which debuts with the brand new MINI-19 Electronic Cigarette, obviously decides to create 0.8Ohm, 1.2Ohm and 1.6Ohm compatible Organic Cotton Coils with it, sold inside a Cofention containing 5 Resistors.

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MINI-19 Compatible Coils JUSTFOG 5pcs Replacement Coils for your JustFog Atomizers are available from Smo-KingShop at the best online price. The best 1.6 Ohm Resistors for your Electronic Cigarette, which will make your Vaping unique, with your favorite Electronic Cigarette Liquid.