Lop Decomposed



In this category you can find all the Electronic Cigarette Liquid produced by Lop. Lots of recipes for your Summer on the Beach. The new line of triple concentration aromas with all tastes ready to bring to mind the memories of our favorite ice creams. Don't be fooled because these Electronic Cigarette Liquids are exceptional. Seeing is believing !!!


Each aroma of Lop is a decomposed aroma. To obtain the Ready Liquid it will be necessary to follow certain steps. Being a Triple Concentration Aroma it cannot be directly vaped but first diluted with 30 ml of Vegetable Glycerin. Once diluted with Liquid Glycerin you can also add Nicotine to increase the gradation. This process can be done by adding Nicotine. In this way you will have prepared your Electronic Cigarette Liquid and you will be ready to fill your Atomizer.


  • Fragolone Ice Cream
  • Lemon Ice Cream
  • Ice Cream Cookie
  • Kroccante with Amarena Ice Cream