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n this category you will find the Fabulous Concentrated Twisted Neutral Diluent Concentrated Herbs with or without Nicotine
These Intense Taste Flavors are tips you have made very demanding palates
The dilution rates recommended by the manufacturer vary by taste and you will find written on the flask.
We suggest you taste all the vanilla and vanilla especially vanilla and give at least 30 days of ripening
Tastes atria you can taste them for a week.
Twisted Aroma: custard overall are all great. Liquid description:
Twisted Aroma: Royal Crown: refined mixture of vanilla, almonds, cane sugar and coconut
Twisted Aroma: Fresh Bottermelk: The Lemon Cake
Twisted Aroma: Cereal Monsta: A mixture of grains of berries
Twisted Aroma: Calipter Cow: is a mixture of Peanut Butter and Vanilla Butter.
Twisted Aroma: Papa Churro: It is a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla custard
Twisted Aroma: Unicorn: Mix of milk, cream, raspberry and a pinch of strawberry
Twisted Aroma: Vanilla Chocolate Mocca: A fantastic refined mixture of vanilla, chocolate and vigorous mocha.
Twisted Aroma: Tears for Pears: a mix of pear and peach
Twisted Aroma: Haselnuss-Yogurt: A mix of creamy yoghurt and toasted hazelnuts
Twisted Aroma: Fathers Milk: Refined Cream Mix with a pinch of fresh biscuit and strawberry will make this an exceptional whiskey liquid
Twisted Aroma: Fathers Milk 2: Mix a refined mix of cream, cream, a pinch of biscuit and a fresh strawberry puff
Twisted Aroma: Butnut: A mix of different nuts hazelnuts and dried fruits
Twisted Aroma: Choco Boobies: A delicious milk chocolate with a pinch of rhum
Twisted Aroma: Coconut Macaroons: Amaretti coconut aroma mix again reflects Natal's coconut amaretto
Twisted Aroma: Cola Zitrone: Fresh cola and lemon mix
Twisted Aroma: Cookie Finger: Mix meets chocolate on peanuts and caramel
Twisted Aroma: G-Punkt: MIx of a Fresh Mixture of Black Grapes
Twisted Aroma: Lupine: Mixture of refined mixture of well-known cereal fruits with a pinch of milk and many creamy tastes that will make a very good tasting taste
Twisted Aroma: Milk and Honey: cream MIx, light touch of honey and marshmallow and peanut butter
Twisted Aroma: Nutty Bobby Cookie: Peanut Butter, Vanilla And Crisply Crisp Biscuit
Twisted Aroma: Tweenside: French vanilla MIx with red orange and other citrus fruits.
Twisted Aroma: Vanilla Custard: vanilla Vanilla Mix and a secret component that the cheff and aroma of the company that has not revealed this is the best vanilla ever tasted by all the vapers
Twisted Aroma: We recommend giving at least 30 days of ripening to feel the best taste
Twisted Aroma: Vanilla Gorilla: Banana, Vanilla and Coconut Mix
Twisted Aroma: Acid Storm 10ml
Twisted Aroma: Apple Cinnamon Fritter 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Bahamas Forest 10ml
Aroma Twisted: BAHAMA FOREST 10ml
Aroma Twisted: BLACK LIPSTICH 10ml
Aroma Twisted: BLACK VIPER 10ml
Twisted Aroma: Blue Fairy Tail 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Blueberry Lemonade10ml
Twisted Aroma: BLUEBERRY MOJITO 10ml
Twisted Aroma: BLUEBERRY MOJITO 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Boss Reverse 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Brain Impact 10ml
Twisted Aroma: Cereal Monsta 10ml
Aroma Twisted: CHOCO BOOBIES 10ml
Aroma Twisted: CINNAMON ROLL 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Clockwork Orange 10ml
Twisted Aroma: COCONUT MACAROONS 10ml
Twisted Aroma: Cookie Finger 10ml
Twisted Cream: Twisted Creamy Melon 10ml
Aroma Twisted: CREAMY MONKEY 10ml
Aroma Twisted: CREAMY STRAWBERRY 10ml
Aroma Twisted: EISBONBON 10 ML
Aroma Twisted: Erdbeer Yogurt 10ml
Aroma Twisted: FIZZY FRUIT 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Twisted FOG MILK 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Gay Parade 10ml
Aroma Twisted: GREEN HORNET 10m
Aroma Twisted: GUNDAY FUNDAY 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Honey Sesame Treats 10ml
Aroma Twisted: KOROS RIEGEL 10ml
Aroma Twisted: MUFFIN WOMAN 10ml
Twisted Aroma: My Woman "is a mixture of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream
Twisted Aroma: NEUTRONIUM 10ml
Aroma Twisted: ORANGE SOFT CAKE 10ml
Twisted Aroma: PASSION SMOOTHIE 10ml
Twisted Aroma: PINE LIME10 ml
Aroma Twisted: Twisted POLICE WOMAN 10ml
Aroma Twisted: REACTOR CORE 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Red 10ml
Aroma Twisted: SMURF BERRY 10ml
Twisted Aroma: STRAWBERRY 10ml
Twisted Aroma: SUB ZERO 10ml
Aroma Twisted: TAHITY SUNSET 10ml
Aroma Twisted: TIDE RIDE 2 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Tiramisu 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Tropical Mix 10ml
Twisted Aroma: TWEEN SIDE mix of French vanilla with red orange and other citrus fruits
Twisted Aroma: TWISTERY 10ml
Aroma Twisted: Vanilla chocolate as 10 ml

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