Ls Project Eliquid



Ls Project After the success of La Casa di Carta Second Season the Italian public fell in love with La Casa di Carta Cast. The characters entered the hearts of the people and then LS Project with its Papel Edition decided to dedicate a line of Liquids to the protagonists of the Best TV Series. Ls Project has decided to dedicate an entire line to this TV series.

Liquids inspired by American liquids but always according to the rules of the Italian TPD. A Must Electronic Cigarette.

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Liquids to which the glycerin density increases the production of Vapor.

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LS Project Naobi ICE Summer Edition Aroma 20 ml The new Triple Concentration Aromas produced by LS Project are available from Smo-king. The Papel Edition is a line of liquids for electronic cigarettes inspired by the most popular Netflix TV series of the moment, La Casa di Carta; unlike the previous Naobi liquid, this new Naobi Summer Edition will conquer all lovers of ice liquids.