G-Spot Flavour Decomposed Eliquid



In this category you can find all the liquids produced in triple concentration aroma format made by G-Spot Flavor. After the success of the Vanilla Gang Bang we add two more flavors ready to amaze everyone again.

All G-Spot aromas are triple concentration aromas and for this reason they cannot be used as they are but they must be diluted before being vaped. Buying the aroma you will get included in the price a 30ml Plastic Bottle of Vegetable Glycerin which must be mixed together with the aroma inside the Glass Bottle. After adding the glycerine, just add a 10ml Base to obtain a 60ml Ready Liquid.

Vanilla Gang Bang
Black Cherry Boobs
Sweet Lemon Job

€28.59 -€1.38
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G-Spot & K Flavour Dandy complete pack Finally the new Packs for your Electronic Cigarette have arrived from Smo-king. Combined advertisements where you can buy with just one click everything you need to create your Electronic Cigarette Liquid. It will also be possible to choose between 2 different grades of Nicotine (1.5mg and 3mg)