SIKARY Available from Smo-King a new Sikary starter kit this complete electronic cigarette Sikary Spod Starter Kit has a main charging dock where the cigarette is present. An innovative system that is convenient and easy to transport and recharge with the 2200mAh main battery.

Sikary Spod sigaretta elettronica completa molto simile a Iqos ma con liquido per sigaretta elettronica


Spod electronic cigarette is very convenient for smoking cessation with an isolated capsule system inside the cigarette. A 2200mAh main battery, a comfortable shell that is easy to carry with a cigarette always charged, only 30 minutes and will be ready to vape. The shell has a weight of 89g and the cigarette only 19g as it has a 200mAh battery. Use replacement POD cartridges that are easy to refill with electronic cigarette fluid.

The New Spod electronic cigarette in size and weight is very similar to Iqos in fact the use of this pod is very similar only that it does not work with Tobacco but with Electronic Cigarette Liquids

We recommend this pod mod to people who already use the electronic cigarette and therefore have a second cigarette in case of need and we recommend it to Iqos users who want old habits with new electronic cigarettes.

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Replacement Pod Sikary Epipa Available from Smo-king the Pipe Replacement for your Epipa from Sikary. Once exhausted you can replace your Coil with this practical Pod Replacement. The replacement is practical and quick and you can start vaping your Electronic Cigarette Liquid again. Pack of 2 pieces with a capacity of 1.7ml and an ohm value of 1.5ohm.