IL SANTONE DELLO SVAPO mette a disposizione liquidi  mk-utra e ak-47


In this category you will find the electronic cigarette fluids of the famous youtuber called Il Santone Dello Svapo, he is the creator of these two organic tabaic recipes that puts up for our Vape shop Smo-King, which deals with the sale and distribution of cigarettes Electronic smoking articles and everything you need to regenerate your atomizers to tank Dripping and Bottom Feeder

These organic tobaccos that will crawl all its fans and all the Vapers our customers are called Mk Ultra and Ak-47 Liquids Guaranteed and Certified and the brand now known as EnjoySvapo.

It is he himself the Santone del Svapo creator of these 2 recipes, Matthew Gallegati said Santone inventor of the youtuber channel following thousands of Experienced Passionate Vapers.

The bottles are in glass fed by 20 milliliters will be paired with the basins (10 ml flask with nicotine) so that you can insert the BOTTLE WITH OR WITHOUT NICOTINE, these flavors are suitable to stop smoking traditional cuttings
These very complex and sophisticated fluids are devoted to you are real smokers and you have vapers who want to feel the real tobacco.

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Poddone liquid Il Santone Dello Svapo 30ml Tobacco Taste the new tobacco flavor for the electronic cigarette buy now at the best price from smo-king your vaping shop excellent liquid to use in the mod pods this aroma was created by Matteo Galligati the Italian youtuber famous for reviews of liquid atomizers and box mods The new liquid Poddone is composed of 30 ml of concentrated aroma to make 60 ml of ready liquid with or without nicotine. if you are looking for the taste to quit smoking this could be your favorite taste. buy PODDONE liquid online now and choose your new Starter Kit in the Electronic Cigarette category to savor the new liquid 2020 by Santone !!
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Il Santone Dello Svapo Micidiale 50 ml Mix Contains a 60ml Chubby-Gorilla bottle containing 20ml of aroma booster, not to be used as it is.Smo-Kingshop online store of specialized Electronic Cigarettes where we directly sell the best brands of electronic cigarettes. Find the best Instant Aromas, Double Concentration Aromas, Atomizer, Resistance, Aroma and Accessories for Rege
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Il Santone Dello Svapo Sniper 40 ml Mix The new liquid created by Il Santone Dello Svapo is available from Smo-king. After the success of its Tobacco Liquids, Il Santone Dello Svapo, returns with a new Tobacco Mix to satisfy all the Vapers that appreciate the Tobacco Liquid. A new recipe designed and created with the usual collaboration of Enjoy Svapo. Ready to make you hit by "Sniper"?