The Neapolitan Smorfia flavour eliquid e-cig


The Neapolitan Smorfia

In this category you will find all the new liquids 2018 by The Neapolitan Smorfia produced by King Liquid were presented at the Vapitaly 2018 fair in Verona and were liquid revelation. The Neapolitan grimace is the classic one that sinks its radicin bell tradition. The modern grimace is the elaborate collection of all the grimaces in Italy.

These liquids are called in this way because they take inspiration from the lot numbers starting from number 1 up to the number 90 just for this we have the many tastes to be tasted. We have 30 Ml of Concentrated Aroma to develop a maximum of 120 ml of liquid ready, adding only 70 ml of Glycerol that can be bought in the Glycol and Glycerine category

Then repeating this special format of liquid is composed of 30 ml of aroma 70 ml of glycol to be added and 20 ml of liquid. Basettes with and without nicotine. (do not add more than 2 bases of 10 ml you could risk losing the initial taste)

Among the best selling liquids we recommend the 71 Smorfia (which in the Neapolitan dialect means L'omm 'and Merda) then the 47 (o' Puorco) 31 ('or Padrone' e Casa) Smorfia the 48 (Dead That Speaks) 69 Smorfia ( Below Above xxx)

These liquids are very interesting as they are also interesting and particular packaging. Buy now the liquids of your dreams by La Smorfia in xmll and xxxl format 30ml and 60ml Smorfia Napoletana

The Neapolitan Smorfia