VAPURÌ Concentrated Flavors 12 ml for ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE from



In this Category Smo-KingShop selects for you only the best Electronic Cigarette Liquids made by Vapurì in 12 ml Concentrated Aroma format. Many 12 ml Aromas made by Vapurì, Fruity Aromas, Creamy Aromas, Fresh Aromas, Tobacco Aromas and much more. Vapuri, is a new leading company in the world of Electronic Cigarettes, was born in Palermo in August 2020, in full Pandemic, from the union of three friends: Andrea, Roberto and Sebastiano. Three electronic cigarette traders who, in addition to sharing the passion for vaping, are linked by the same dream, that of creating a new reality that becomes a reference point for the Italian vaping.

Quality, Innovation and Professionalism are the essential values ​​of Vapurì.