Dea Flavor Roma Goddess FlavorIn this category you will find the most important liquids in Italy online for the electronic sugaretta with the certifications ce .i liquids of flavor were born in 2012 when electronic cigarettes were born the most famous liquids such as Calliope, Nemesis and Mexico

Concentrated flavors Dea flavor: if you are a lover of electronic cigarette liquids, here are the flavors to be mixed with your neutral base liquid in a variable quantity according to personal taste.

The concentrated flavors of Dea flavor are distributed in bottles of 10 ml specially made in material suitable for containing food and are labeled in full compliance with current regulations.

As anticipated the dose in drops varies according to your tastes and that is if you want a more pronounced aroma put more drops and, vice versa, if you want an e-liquid with the most delicate flavor, you put less.

The range recommended by the Goddess and reported on the packaging is in fact very variable just to allow everyone to adjust according to their needs.

My advice is to start using the concentrated flavors of Dea flavor with the minimum dosage and try it to see how it is then, if necessary, increase the dosage until you reach the goal.

Another advice is to not be in a hurry to vap your liquid DIY because it is much better to leave it 4 or 5 days to "rest" taking care to shake well at least a couple of times a day.

The same liquid for electronic cigarette would be better than it was in the dark and, however, absolutely far from direct sunlight or heat sources which could alter it and make it unusable.

The concentrated flavors of Dea flavor are produced entirely in Italy by this famous brand, taking care that the raw materials used are always of the highest quality, checked and selected according to strict standards.



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