MOONSHINE MINI SHOT Aromas 10ml in 30ml bottle for Electronic Cigarettes



In this Category Smo-KingShop selects for you only the best Aromas in Mini Shot format from 10ml in 30ml made by Moonshine Elqiuids. Moonshine after the great success of Decomposed Aromas 20ml in 60ml, has decided to debut once again with many Creamy Aromas, Fruity Aromas, Ice Aromas in MiniShot 10 + 20 format. Moonshine is a company that was born a little for fun, among friends; all of a sudden they realize they have excellent products in their hands and try to launch their Creamy and Fruity Aromas to the public, thus becoming very well known in the world of Vaping. Intense and original flavors that will win you over at the first Vape, 10 Aromas in 30ml absolutely to try on your Electronic Cigarette.