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NIC MASTER In this Category Smo-KingShop selects for you only the best and new Decomposed Aromas made by Nic Master. Nic Master, historical brand in the Electronic Cigarette sector, already very famous for its Nicotine Bases and Bases, joins the AGE Srl group in 2020 and decides to debut again with these fantastic 40/120 Master Mix Aromas. These innovative Master Mix Aromas unlike the simple Decomposed Aromas have a 120ml bottle with 40ml of Electronic Cigarette Liquid inside. Each Master Mix will be accompanied by a VG (VEGETABLE GLYCERINE) in 60ml Chubby Gorilla.


All the Aromas made by Nic Master are available inside the 120ml bottle you will find 40ml of Double Concentration Aroma, to which 60ml of Vegetable Glycerin (included in the package) and 2 Nicotine Bases will be added to obtain 120ml of Ready Liquid

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SUNSET is a Liquid and Electronic Cigarette 40ml Aroma format in 120ml made by NIC MASTER with the taste of: KIWI, LIME, PEACH AND MANGO. EACH MASTER MIX IS ACCOMPANIED BY A VG (VEGETABLE GLYCERINE) IN CHUBBY GORILLA 60ML.