RELOAD VAPE Triple Concentration Aromas 20 ml in 60 ml bottle



In this Category Smo-KingShop selects for you only the best Electronic Cigarette Liquids in Decomposed Aroma format 20 ml in 60 ml, branded Reload Vape. ReloadVape is a new brand of Creamy and Sweet Aromas, with the official distribution of Smo-King Electronic Cigarettes Online Rome. Finally the most desired and loved desserts are available in the Shot version, absolutely to try on your Electronic Cigarette.

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Corneto is a Liquid and Electronic Cigarette in 20ml Aroma format in 60 ml, a Creamy and Sweet Liquid made by Reload Vape. TASTE: CROISSANT, CHEESECAKE CREAM, RASPBERRY AND CRUMBLE. ATTENTION: IT IS RECOMMENDED TO MATURE THIS AROMA FOR AT LEAST 24 hours.