TNT Vape Liquids for Electronic Cigarette in Mini Shot format



In this Category Smo-King selects for you only the best Flavors in Mini Shot format of 10ml in 30ml made by TNT Vape. A set of flavors that will win you over from the first moment. TNT vape after the great success of the previous E-Cigarette Liquids has opened up to explore new routes by creating Tobacco Liquids, Fruity Liquids and Creamy Liquids. Many Mini Shot Aromas branded TNT Vape are coming from Smo-KingShop.


TNT Vape Mini Shots are Flavors and must therefore be diluted before being used. They arrive in a 30ml bottle containing 10ml of Aroma to which 20ml of product must be added to obtain the ready liquid. If you want an All Day Dilution, all you have to do is add to your 10ml of Aroma, another 15ml of Vegetable Glycerine with 5ml of Nicotine of your choice, to obtain 30ml of Liquid 70/30 with Nicotine of your choice. Otherwise you can use two 10ml bases with Nicotine of your choice, to have a 30ml liquid and obtain the desired alcohol content.

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TNT Vape Blonde Mini Shot 10 ml Available from Smo-King, after the great success of the previous Liquids, the new line of Mini Shot Flavors produced by TNT Vape. Blonde will conquer all the most demanding palates, a Tobacco Liquid absolutely to try with your Electronic Cigarette inside your favorite Atomizer.