Officine Svapo Concentrated Flavors



Officine Svapo To recall the taste of the original tobaccos we offer you the selection of Officine Svapo liquids. Products through a faithful process of maceration of typical tobaccos. Officine Svapo's Electronic Cigarettes Aromas are real tobacco extracts that are made starting from raw or chopped tobacco, using a new extraction technique. This allows, through a process at low temperatures, to avoid heat stress in the heat-sensitive substances and to obtain a high quality vaporizing liquid that is faithful to the aromas of the original tobaccos.

The Aromas Brebbia, Balkan and Sinfonia 23 represent an absolute novelty in the electronic cigarettes sector, as for the first time a synergy between tobacco producers and vaporizer producers is born.

Concentrated flavors are identified with the same name as the tobaccos selected among the best on the market as they are obtained by macerating the original tobacco through a process of solid-liquid transformation, therefore unaltered reproduction of the aroma.

Within this category you can find:

- Kentucky flavor
- Latin Aroma
- Aroma Smoked Virginia
- Aroma Balkan
- Aroma Symphony
- Aroma Flake
- Aroma Leonardo
- Aroma Galileo
- Old Time Latino Aroma
- Aroma 70 Brebbia