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In this Category Smo-KingShop selects for you only the best Aromas in Mini Shot format made by DreaMods. The leading company in the world of Electronic Cigarettes is ready to satisfy all Vapers again, with its exquisite Creamy Liquids, Tobacco Liquids and Sweet Liquids in Mini Shot 10 + 20 format. DREA MODS debuts with its new BLACKBURN line of Aromi Mini Shot 10 ml in 30 ml bottle.


The BlackBurn Line by DreaMods is inspired by the most used tobaccos in the world of Vaping; embracing both Dry and Strong Tobacco and Flavored All Day Tobacco. The BlackBurn Line is in Mini Shot 10 + 20 ml format or 10 ml of Concentrated Aroma in a 30 ml bottle. A new line aimed at all tobacco lovers, recommended for those who want to quit smoking.

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Double Shock 10+10 is the famous Electronic Cigarette Liquid made by Dreamods, from the Top Twist Line already, this time in the brand new Aroma Mini Shot 10ml format in 20ml, but with the same quality as always. FLAVOUR: WHITE CHOCOLATE, HAZELNUTS AND PUFFED RICE.