The Flavor & Flavor liquids are the liquids for electronic cigarette in aroma shot siries format have been studied by true fans of this world to satisfy the most demanding vapers. They presented themselves at vapitaly 2019 with 4 series of liquid types. In fact the boss of the house called Big Saimon. These aromas are divided into several lines: Tabatosa fruitiness Tabaccosa Mentolati and Balsamic

Creamy liquids

BILLY THE PIE Billy is a budding villain. He just robbed Mrs.Tucher. The loot? A warm and soft grandmother's lemon cake, topped with custard.

JESSIE HONEY If they call it Honey, it's no coincidence! It breeds bees on the ranch and its honey biscuits are a true marvel. Every FarWest Cowboy goes crazy for this treat!

EXPRESSO ATTACKER A diligence filled with coffee, chocolate and ruhm is coming from the south. No Indian could resist the secret ingredients of ... ops! I can't tell you, it's a secret!

CARAMEL JOE Deputy Sheriff Joe has just saved a load of salted caramel from the Indian assault. Even today the Death Valley Ranch will have its favorite dessert.

SHERIFF'S CUSTARD While his Vice keeps order in the city, he has more important business! He must sink his spoon in the best vanilla cream ever! A task for real men! flavorandflavor.com @ flavor.flavor
Fruity Liquids

ORANGE MUMMY The real secret of the pyramids to preserve mummies? Simple! Fruttankamon had himself buried with tons of frozen oranges! Too bad some of them ... have woken up from eternal sleep!

STRAWBERRY VAMPIRE In my castle everything is done to please me! All farmers Bring me fresh strawberries every morning. What if they don't do this? I use their blood and for my juice!

WOLF MANGO Sharp fangs, yellow eyes that light up the night. His howl awakens all the inhabitants of the small village perched on the mountain. But fear not, he feeds only on perfectly ripe Mango and maracuja!

ZOMPEACH An unstoppable virus has infected crops around the world, peaches and lime fall and combine with each other in a mix of human brains!

DR. APPLESTEIN 1798, Geneva. A heap of apples and lemons roams the misty streets. He is hungry and wants ... Fruit! Frost keeps it intact. We captured it and bottled it for you!
Organic Tobacco

TOBACCO BONNIE Black Virginia is the most distant from the sweetness of light tobaccos. Exactly like Bonnie, she hides an unexpected strong and dominant character behind her angelic face. A unique experience to try at least once in your life.

TABLE CLYDE Two roads that lead to the same destination. The Syrian Latakia, the ancient via del Tabacco. Cyprus Latakia, the modern production route for this black diamond. Resin, wood, incense and smoking make it a must-have collector's item for lovers of dark tobacco.

TOBACCO JHON The Balkan Mixture is a noble blend based on Latakia, Virginia and Oriental. It can be defined as one of the most complex mixtures of all. An emotion with every shot.

TABACCO AL Kentucky, a full, intense, slightly sweet and smoky tobacco. It is an inevitable pearl for every slow-vape lover. A timeless classic, all day long.

TABACCO LUCKY Pure Latakia is an ancient and full-bodied tobacco. It has important notes of smoking and wood, making it the king of dark tobacco. A liquid for true noir lovers.