BLAQ Electronic Cigarette Liquid



Blaq Vapor is one of the most important producers of Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes in the world of electronic cigarettes. They introduced themselves to the world with Origins, a liquid that in a short time has conquered everyone thanks to its fantastic creamy note. They also met with great success with Visions, their second liquid, which has earned its fair share of the market over time. Now they are ready to impress with their third Liquid called Fuzions, for the first time with notes of Tobacco.
All their liquids are now available in Instant Aroma format to continue this fantastic adventure in the Italian market.

BLAQ ORIGINS - A delicious tart with wild strawberries.

BLAQ VISIONS - A mix of berries, melon and banana candies.

BLAQ FUZIONS - Blend of fine tobaccos, cream and banana peel.