DEA Flavor ELIQUID ECIG after the great success of the 10 ml ready liquids with nicotine, she decides to use the large format of 60 ml decomposed in aroma on Pg and to be diluted with VG Vegetable Glycerine for the moment the whole best range of Liquids goddess for Cigarette Electronics will be sold and then purchased on the site Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Rome in Skomposti format. We remind that the Dea Eliquids are certified and Made in Italy. The company has always produced liquids for e-cigarettes in many tastes just to meet the needs of vapers.In our site are all for sale at SPECIAL PRICES and all Liquids Dea On Offer

The new Dea Liquid Format in ready-to-mix aromas: They must have the addition of VG and nicotine purchased online. The new goddess bottle is easy to use with the side gauge that indicates how much Gligerin to add and how much nicotine to add.

The liquids currently available in Mix Disassembled format are Creamy Fruits:

Liquid Lady in Black Balsamic a taste of Sweet Liquorice almost to the taste of a candy

Liquid Romance Taste red fruits and liquid mint very similar to the Red Astaire

Creamy Velvet with a taste of a spectacular Hazelnut cream

Breeze Best-selling liquid of the goddess Flavor Taste Glacial mint

Instead for the Dea Tobacco Flavor the producer Dea Flavor always chooses the best 10 most sold liquids:

Dea Liquid Nemesi: Fine Flavor of Tobacco Flavor composed of a mixture of Oriental and Burley. The Oriental determines the delicate and compact aroma in taste while the Burley conveys that toasting aftertaste that distinguishes it.

Dea Tobacco Mexico: This is a liquid for ecig is a pure tobacco! The oriental taste of Latakia meets and clashes with that of Virginia giving life to an absolutely original mix, able to offer a soft and velvety vaping.

Dea Liquid Atena: The liquid for electronic cigarette Goddess with a strong and decisive character, dry and with a bitter aftertaste. A product defined by many of our vapors as a "bridge" ... for an absolutely painless transition from analogue to digital cigarette!

Dea Liquid Calliope: DEA Calliope was inspired by the famous poets of ancient Greece, in the same way this eliquid will guide you in the world of Svapo Super. with an intense and velvety flavor to reconcile your moments of relaxation The ideal companion after a cup of coffee. Liquid for electronic cigarettes recommended for quitting smoking.
Dea Liquid
Cuba: DEA Cuba enchants the smell with its cigar scent and envelops the palate with its hints of Madagascar vanilla. The result is a liquid for electronic cigarette with a sweet but convincing taste that never tires.

Dea Liquid Venere: The pungent and sophisticated taste of the DEA Venere liquid is never invasive and will transmit to you that same sensation of relaxation given by a freshly-off cigarette. A liquid that due to its mixture is not cloying when it vaporizes it?

From Smoking Rome you can buy in the Concentrated Flavor Category all the rest of the Line discover all the Liquid Goddesses Prices. Buy Glycol and Glycerine plants