Ripe Vapes Electronic Cigarette



Ripe Vapes is one of the most important brands of Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes. Ripe Vapes is a manufacturer that is unrivaled in terms of the complexity and the goodness of its liquids. All products made by Ripe Vapes are products of the highest quality and different from everything else. The recipes of Ripe Vapes always manage to amaze the Vapers that are conquered with each new liquid. Surely the most famous Liquid produced by Ripe Vapes is the VCT. A delicious vanilla cream melted with tobacco that has kidnapped all those who have tasted it. Within this category you will find all the Best Liquids produced by Ripe Vapes in Triple Concentration Aroma version.


All Liquids produced now by Ripe Vapes are Triple Concentration Aroma. To obtain the Ready Liquid you will need to follow certain steps. Being a Triple Concentration Aroma it can not be Vaped directly but first diluted with 30 ml of vegetable glycerine. Once diluted with the Liquid Glycerine, Nicotine can also be added to increase its gradation. This process can be carried out by adding nicotine in water. In this way you will have prepared your Liquid for Electronic Cigarette and you will be ready to fill your Atomizer.


Within this category you will find:

RIPE VAPES VCT - Delicious vanilla and tobacco cream
RIPE VAPES MONKEY SNACK - Peanut butter and banana come together in a fantastic mix
RIPE VAPES COCONUT THAI - Coconut and Lemongrass for a liquid out of the ordinary
RIPE VAPES KEY LIME COOKIE - A crispy biscuit with Lime
RIPE VAPES PEAR ALMOND - A fantastic mix of pear and almonds