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One Hit Wonder After the great success of Ready Liquids produced by One Hit Wonder, the American company has decided to create a line of Concentrated Flavors dedicated to all DIY lovers. In this category you will find all the flavors produced by One Hit Wonder. Many recipes suitable for all types of Vapers starting from the classic Fruity Liquids up to more complex Creamy Liquids. A pleasure for your taste buds and for your Atomizers.


All the One Hit Wonder products that are present in this category are concentrated flavors and therefore different from previous versions. How to prepare Electronic Cigarette Flavor? One Hit Wonder Aromas are produced to be diluted and not to be used as such. These One Hit Wonder flavors should be diluted to 20% within the Neutral Base which is composed of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. Once the base is created, it will be possible to add Nicotine through the Nicotine in Water. Once the Neutral Base is ready you just need to dilute the One Hit Wonder Aroma in the right concentration and you will have your Liquid for Electronic Cigarette.


Within this category you will find the following Concentrated Flavors:

MAGIC MAN - Gummy bears with fruit and watermelon
MUFFIN MAN - Apple and cinnamon muffin
MINI MUFFIN MAN - Strawberry and cinnamon muffin
MY MAN - Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate Ice Cream
ROCKET MAN - Greek yogurt, blueberries and muesli
THE MAN - Strawberry, cream and milk

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One Hit Wonder The Man Aroma 30 ml
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One Hit Wonder The Man Aroma 30 ml All the new Concentrated Flavors produced by One Hit Wonder are available from Smo-king. After the great success of its Ready Liquids, the most famous American Liquids have finally arrived in the Concentrated Aroma version. Many recipes suitable for all tastes to satisfy even the most demanding Vapers. Do not let them escape.