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LIQUIDS READY In this category for Electronic Cigarette Liquids you will find the best Italian and foreign liquids all certified In this Online Site Specialized in the sale and distribution of liquids Electronic Cigarette So According to the current Norm on our site of electronic cigarettes is only the Online Sale of: from smoking...


LIQUIDS READY In this category for Electronic Cigarette Liquids you will find the best Italian and foreign liquids all certified In this Online Site Specialized in the sale and distribution of liquids Electronic Cigarette So According to the current Norm on our site of electronic cigarettes is only the Online Sale of: from smoking online find all the best products for electronic cigarettes at best price the liquids top ten reviewed by yootuber.

Recall that the liquids for electronic cigarettes are composed of Glycol and Glycerine and are substances that do not hurt. Watch also the video report of the Hyenas that speak of the electronic cigarette.

The best brands of vaping products all in our online shop store smo-king shop !!! What are you waiting to stop smoking and switch to the new way of vaping.

Category for the best electronic cigarette fluids and compatible for all electronic or cigarette cigarettes

Smo-King Eliquid Dealer TPD Italia

In update to the new law 01/01/2019 we have been authorized by AAMS as a tax warehouse and therefore to the resale to the private and wholesale of all the TPD ITALIA liquids in our site in the ready liquids section you can find all the best Italian and foreign brands. Also available are the 18 ml nicotine bases to create your liquid ready.

The TPD is:The decree applies to vaping products, defined as follows:

«Electronic cigarette: a product that can be used for the consumption of nicotine-containing steam through a mouthpiece or any component of this product, including a cartridge, a tank and the device without cartridge or tank. Electronic cigarettes can be disposable or rechargeable using a refill container or tank or rechargeable with disposable cartridges »So as an authorized reseller from DPD ITALIA we are ready to meet all your needs.

eliquid premium ecigarette electronica


LIQUIDS READY There are 240 products.






    In this category of Smo-king our online retail of Eliquid and hardware you can find an entire section dedicated to the Biofumo brand. Biofumo eliquids are among the best eliquids of Italy with ingredients made in Italy and composition with high quality standards. Biofumo electronic cigarette eliquids are produced in the 10 ml TPD format to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding vaper who love both tobacco eliquids and fruity eliquids. You can buy biofumo eliquids with nicotine or 0mg choosing among the most varied aromas made with the best ingredients. Thanks to Biofumo liquids for your electronic cigarette quality tobacco extract you will easily stop smoking and start vaping while keeping all the smell of tobacco and the degree of satisfaction thanks to the diluted nicotine in each biofumo liquid. Bio fumo fruity liquids will bring the freshness and sweetness of real fruit inside your atomizer of your electronic cigarette


    Biofumo Anice
    Biofumo Amaretto
    Biofumo Caffè
    Biofumo Caramello
    Biofumo Champagne
    Biofumo Ciliegia
    Biofumo Cioccolato
    Biofumo Cocco
    Biofumo Cola
    Biofumo Eucalipto
    Biofumo Fragola
    Biofumo Frutta Esotica
    Biofumo Lampone
    Biofumo Lemon Cola
    Biofumo Liquirizia
    Biofumo Mela e Kiwi
    Biofumo Melone
    Biofumo Menta Mix
    Biofumo Miele
    Biofumo Mora e Violetta
    Biofumo Nocciola
    Biofumo Pina Colada
    Biofumo Rum Giamaica
    Biofumo Tabacco 7 Foglie
    Biofumo Tabacco Americano
    Tabacco Biofumo
    Biofumo Tabacco Caffè
    Biofumo Tabacco Classic
    Biofumo Tabacco da Pipa
    Biofumo Tabacco Prince
    Biofumo Tabacco Max
    Biofumo Tabacco Oro
    Biofumo Tabacco Orientale
    Biofumo Tabacco Queen
    Biofumo Tabacco King
    Biofumo Tabacco Virginia
    Biofumo Tabacco Western
    Biofumo Vaniglia

  • BLAQ



    In this category of liquids for electronic cigarettes you will find the famous Blaq liquids in the mix series format of 50 ml made up of VG and PG in a ratio of 70/30, known for the liquids that have depopulated at European fairs, from Smo-shop. You will need to dilute the 50 ml with an additional 10 ml booster to achieve the desired gradation of nicotine on your 60 ml liquid. These fantastic liquids made in the USA represent the best possible vaping with lung pull and are also very suitable for all-day vaping, especially on regenerable cloud chasing atomizers.


    Blaq Origins, a sweet creamy liquid, a strawberry pie on a layer of Graham cracker crust with a sweet cream on it, a tasty flavor that we have all been waiting for, typically made in the USA

    Blaq Visions characteristic for its sweet honeydew recipe (sugary secretion of bees) combined with wild berries with banana and melon candies its flavor is wrapped in a characteristic creaminess in pure Blaq style.

  • BREW CO.

    In this Liquid Category for Electronic Cigarettes there are the liquids of Brew co, they are liquids made in American Americans are liquid Mix and Vape great for cloud chasing for the moment are 4 better tastes of the other are available all day are not intrusive. Let's go to describe them:
    Barista BREW co Salmon Caramel spotted with a pint of Coffee, a unique liquid of its kind, packed in a reusable rigid plastic beverage glass, pouring the hot beverage inside will show the logo of the American Liquid House

    Barista BREW Cinnamon Glazed Blueberry Scone
    After the Spotted Salted Caramel comes the new liquid Cinnamon Glazed Blueberry Scone, a cinnamon brioche with blueberries and covered with icing (sugar).
    If you have loved the Stained Salted Caramel, you will not miss it.

    Barist Brew co Strawberry Watermelon Refresher: Time is Warming Refreshed with the brand new Watermelon Strawberry Liquor produced by Barista Brew Co. Ripe watermelon and fresh strawberries mix perfectly with tones of sweet and acid.

    Barist Brew co Frozen Strawberry Watermelon Refresher Do you like menthol taste? Add the Frozen Strawberry Watermelon Refresher by BaristaBrewCo to your "must try" list. A juicy watermelon and strawberry make this liquid take off with an icy finish

    These liquids are packaged in a reusable rigid plastic beverage glass, pouring the hot beverage inside it will show the logo of Barista Brew Co.

  • D & C FLAVOR
  • Danielino 77


    DELIXIA Available from Smo-king the whole line of Delixia ready liquids from Vaporart. Suitable for all types of Electronic Cigarette to satisfy all palates of Vapers. Whether you want a Tobacco Liquid, a Creamy Liquid or a Fruity Liquid, Delixia by Vaporart has the right solution for you.


    Liquors for electronic cigarettes Deoro is a company that manufactures entirely in Italy with all the certifications according to standards.

    The nicotine used is exclusively of European production.

    The passion and the best alchemy is the strong point of this company, alongside the quality and exceptional products
    They produce 3 different lines of liquid electronic cigarettes all very good

    1 line Vapor Flavor, straightforward for those who are afflicted and start to loose
    2 Platinum Line Much more complex is made up of the mix of aromas sought for the most demanding and suitable regeneration vapors
    3 Line Mask is the latest generation of our e-liquid lines to meet the needs of all hard-vappers.

    Very soon new lines will arrive and will always be made in italy



    ELIT ITALIA Available on Smo-king the entire collection of Elit Italia products, liquids ready in 10ml TPD Ready format for vapers that are lovers of Tabaccosi Liquids. A line with a simple and immediate rendering on any type of electronic cigarette, ideal for cheek vape and made thanks to the use of tobacco blends and ingredients that will marry perfectly together for a quality Italian Vaping.


    In this category you will find the most famous fluids in italy for electronic cigarette flavourart the first liquid brand ready to be released max bland, cuban, cuban, black fire, Latakia,

    Online Liquid Sales for Electronic Cigarettes of the Leading Company on the Italian Market, the first to produce Flavorings and Eliquads to come, you will find dilution aromas for all your needs.

    liquids ready to be released Flavourart:

    7 leaves (tobacco liquid)
    Tobacco 7 leaves a mix of fire cured, light leaf, burley, shade, perique, latakia, oriental,
    Dopodiche 'has been rebuilt with an aroma, trying to

    Euphoria (fruity mix and tobacco)

    Mix Very good citrus fruits with exotic fruits and soft notes of tobacco and a pinch of mind

    Cocoon (coconut)

    Latakia (strong tobacco)

    The real taste of tobacco is great to stop smoking

    Labyrinth (vanilla)

    Spice flavor flavor, vanilla flavor with caramel and fruity notes this is a real labyrinth of flavors you will never want to leave

    RY4 (tossed tobacco)

    A tobacco-free liquid that remembers the pipe

    Cuban (tasty that should never be missed)

    The best taste to stop smoking directly from Cuba

    Tuscan Reserve (Tuscan Tobacco)

    Taste soft and balanced

    Virginia (Tobacco That Must Never Miss)

    The true taste of VIRGINIA leaf Soft soft sweet aroma great for quitting smoking

    Cigar Passion (Tobacco)

    The cigar of a good Cuban, Cigar Passion

    Maxx Blend (Tobacco)

    Liquid Rich, very aromatic, slightly spicy

    Deep and not sweet. Elegant with distinct and pleasantly persistent flavor.

    Layton Blend
    A very unique, unique tabacco. Its determined taste spans intense and fruity notes that come out of the patterns of classic aromas for electronic cigarettes.

    Morning sun
    The taste of good milk combined with the sweetness of freshly cut fruit ... the perfect continental breakfast, ready ... at any time of your day!

    Dark Vapure
    Dark, strong, for demanding personalities. Durable residual flavor and aftertaste of toasted cocoa.

    Dusk is a soft and very delicate tobacco, suitable for use throughout the day, combines the light taste of licorice with a fine tin of fine tobacco and valuable wood.

    Perique Black
    Uncompromising, dark, firm, rough. Try it alone, for brave, or to mix with other aromatic tobacco flavors.

    Black Fire
    Intense smell of woody smoke with delicate background caramel notes.

    Pleasant wood arrangement, fresh and sweet. Intriguing and delicate. Good HIT.

    A warm hug. Convenient and well-known. A timeless classic.

    An intense, rich and full-bodied liquid born to conquer those who prefer elegant Italian notes something richer and greedy. The name comes from the famous New York neighborhood which has been the main source of inspiration, SoHo is the point of union between modernity, history and multiculturalism, has intense flavors and leaves a pleasant memory.

    Cam Blend
    Sumptuous blend of woody, spicy and aromatic notes.

    CowBoy Blend
    Hay, honey and sunny.

    Jamaica Special
    Directly from the pirate ship to your table of ideas. Senz'alcool.

    A full, harmonious aroma, where delicate floral memories are wisely chiseled in a solid and pleasantly bitter base.


    The taste of a sweet dessert with coffee and cereal cream with that alcoholic aftertaste that never breaks UP, pure energy for your senses.

    Floral fruit combined with a soft sweetness. Imagine the Monsoon travel through the oceans and the rainforest, crossing fields of fruit trees, slowly absorbing their sweetness before falling on a vanilla field. Relaxing and delightful gift of nature.

    Sparkling and lively as the sunrise warming flowers and distant fruits, refreshes the palate with taste.

    Unexpectedly everything darkens and begins the journey into your emotions dragged by the heat of the sun and pampered by the romanticism of the moon, tireless.

    Intense tuna with delicious notes of dried fruit, glorious on the palate and in the mind.

    Close your eyes and imagine a city in celebration ... pure joy for your senses.

    Dark and spicy tuna, a pure storm of emotions.

    Arctic Winter (menthol)
    Fresh, fresh The real glacial mint

    Black Touch (Liquorice)

    Liquid Liquorice, a timeless classic

    Blenderize mint
    An explosion of tastes. Sweet to the point

    Hazel Grove
    The favorite for ice creams, queen of creams. Always and everywhere.
    An Italian classic. The perfect marriage between mascarpone, coffee and cocoa, with the right biscuit bottom. Great

    Melted sugar containing a taste explosion

    Cherry cherry
    The most decided taste of the traditional cousin. Intense, juicy and persistent


    In this category you will find the electronic cigarette fluids of the famous youtuber called Il Santone Dello Svapo, he is the creator of these two organic tabaic recipes that puts up for our Vape shop Smo-King, which deals with the sale and distribution of cigarettes Electronic smoking articles and everything you need to regenerate your atomizers to tank Dripping and Bottom Feeder

    These organic tobaccos that will crawl all its fans and all the Vapers our customers are called Mk Ultra and Ak-47 Liquids Guaranteed and Certified and the brand now known as EnjoySvapo.

    It is he himself the Santone del Svapo creator of these 2 recipes, Matthew Gallegati said Santone inventor of the youtuber channel following thousands of Experienced Passionate Vapers.

    The bottles are in glass fed by 20 milliliters will be paired with the basins (10 ml flask with nicotine) so that you can insert the BOTTLE WITH OR WITHOUT NICOTINE, these flavors are suitable to stop smoking traditional cuttings
    These very complex and sophisticated fluids are devoted to you are real smokers and you have vapers who want to feel the real tobacco.



    In this category you will find on sale on Smo-king shop all the liquid products for electronic cigarette born from the concept of vaping of Youtuber Sara Kali Zabotti, aka Kali Vapes. The liquids are available in the 40ml mix format contained in a 60ml bottle in which you can add 10ml bases with or without nicotine to reach the desired degree on the total 60 ml of ready eliquid. These liquids, made according to the tastes of vaper and influencer Kali, fully embrace the needs of Vaping enthusiasts, meeting their tastes, whether they are for a tobacco liquid, a creamy or fruity liquid, Kali Vapes will amaze you!


    Kali Vapes The Key 40 ml Mix the new liquid made by Kali Vapes combines the tobacco taste with an aromatic note of fine Vanilla Bourbon perfectly linked to the juicy and fresh aroma of Peach nectarines. The Key will open your conception of vaping on a whole other panorama of flavors



    LA TABACCHERIA Ready liquids of 10 ml for the electronic cigarette the tobacconist series special blend and classic line excellent to use in the latest generation of cigarettes also pod mod because these eliquids are micro filtered and designed specifically for the user who is trying to quit smoking

    liquids for electronic cigarette tobacco la tabaccheria

    10ml Liquids to Tobacco Taste For Electronic Cigarettes Tobacco Shops are extracted directly from the leaves



    The Line The colors of Tobacco is perfect to be used inside your Electronic Cigarettes to Stop Smoking. Choose the taste you prefer and start using the new Tobacco Store Liquids.

    ORANGE - Full-bodied, amiable and satisfying taste. It will be able to accompany the most demanding Neo-Vaper throughout the day.

    YELLOW - Light, lovable and slightly smoky tobacco taste. A liquid that will "blush all the blondes". Perfect for a vape all day.

    BROWN - Full taste, smoky and incensed but at the same time soft and perfect all day. An "Entry Level" approach to the true taste of the pipe.

  • MUR


    In this category on you will find the entire collection of MUR premixed liquids in the Mix Series 50 ml format directly conceived by the Vaplo company, an idea of ​​vintage origin reinterpreted in a modern key that will offer you a new vape experience simply by combining a 10 ml nicotized base to obtain the desired gradation of nicotine on the 60 ml of final ready liquid. The collection consists of all the new liquids of the latest conception and realization and an entire assortment that includes liquids perfect for cloud vaping , with creamy scents, fruity liquids tied together that take inspiration from traditional pastries with references to the most delicious recipes original and courageous combinations designed by the boys of MUR. The shot base with nicotine or nicotine 0 10ml (sold separately) will allow you to permanently dilute your mix series containing VG and PG in a ratio of 70/30, perfect for cloud vape.


    Golden Elevator

    Loner Marathoner


    Old Sport

    Crazy Cat Lady

    Aloha Shake

    Scarlet Star

    Adrenaline Junkie

    Wartime Consigliere



    In this category you will find electronic cigarette eliquids created by Pot Shot Flavours available from Smo-king shop in the 50 ml mix series format in PG / VG. This collection of liquids has been among the most positive surprises encountered at European fairs in recent years. Perfect cloud chasing liquids, made starting from delicious original recipes of sweets and desserts from all over the world, the pot shots have had great success among the vapers that love sweet liquids, fruity liquids and creamy liquids. Products packed in 60 ml bottles to allow subsequent dilution with an additional 10 ml of base with or without nicotine


    Nice Custard 50 ml

    Grandmas Lemonade 50 ml

    Mexican Fried Ice Cream 50ml

    Tickle Me Pink 50 ml

    Welsh Custard 50 ml

    Hazel Dream 50 ml

    Green with Envy 50 ml


    SEVEN WONDERS Liquids for Electronic Cigarette Cigarettes to unwind and relax

    Seveb Wonders new 2018 Liquids are available online in collaboration with Super Flavor 2 special mixes

    Seven Wonders B * ttstard in size 60 ml Mix & vape
    A crazy butter cream! Everything will be an unpleasant inhalation of pleasure, pastry in the pure state. A simple liquid but a unique aroma for the daily newspaper La Vaniglia we always wanted !!

    Seven Wonders F * ckstard 60 ml Mix & Vape Liquid on Base 70/30

    Vanilla, a classic vanilla love! But ... F * ckstard is an amazing mix of vanilla creams. A snappy little thing that makes it incredibly unique.

    These liquids are produced in the Vaporart production plants


    The Lemonade House

    Available at Smo-king the ready liquids in the 10 ml format TPD ready with and without nicotine from the English company The Lemonade House. Try the most delicious and refreshing lemonade liquid on the vape scene for your electronic cigarette. Lemonade House is the eliquid suitable for all types of e-cigarettes on cloud chasing atomizers and not necessarily on high performance hardware, therefore also entry level. Lemonade liquids in various variations with different fruity combinations will win you over if you love fruit and sweet liquids. For convenience, the package contains 3 pcs of 10 ml bottles. The lemonade house offers its liquids in various declinations and different interpretations, from the traditional to the more refreshing thanks to the use of various combinations with different types of fruit in the design of fidelity to the original taste and in search of combinations of fruity flavors well balanced. Always refreshing, these liquids will satisfy you, word of Lemonade House.


    Lemonade House Sparkles

    Lemonade House Summer

    Lemonade House Traditional

    Lemonade House Elegant Fix



    TNT VAPE Available from Smo-king, the entire range of ready-made Liquids created by TNT Vape. A set of tastes that will win you over from the first moment. It all started with Booms, the most beloved Tobacco for Electronic Cigarette. A cigar that meets vanilla to give life to something unique. From the Booms then TNT vape opened up to explore new routes creating Creamy Liquids and Creamy Liquids.

    Among the most famous liquids of TNT Vape there are:

    Nitro Bacco
    Shot Bacchus
    Goo plosion
    Booms reserve

    Also the lines dedicated to Concentrated Flavors met the appreciation of the Vapers. Why vaping the aromas of Tnt Vape allows you to taste tastes never tried before. The most popular lines of Tnt Vape are the Colors and the Cigarillos.

    Now TNT Vape is ready to conquer all the Svapatori again with its two new Liquids: Shorty Kremino and Strike!

    Two liquids completely opposite but made with the same care of all the previous ones:

    KREMINO - A chocolate-flavored Cremino with a mustache
    STRIKE - An organic tobacco dedicated to all lovers of the genre


    Tropical Pirate

    In this category on Smo-King shop you will find the Tropical Pirate 40 ml Mix eliquids. Pour into the atomizer of your electronic cigarette all the flavor of the original recipes inspired by the fruity and creamy taste of the best tropical recipes and the tastiest Caribbean hints for cloud chasing on your ecig. Available in the mix format to which you can add the 10 ml base with or without nicotine to achieve the desired final gradation. Made in 70/30 Vg/Pg composition. Eliquid contained in 50 ml glass bottle filled for 40 ml with practical dropper cap.


    Lost in Mango 40 ml Mix

    Mama's Kiss 40 ml Mix

    Sweet Nana 40 ml Mix


    Natural electronic cigarette liquid produced by Vaporart srl ultra pop are liquid ready with nicotine tastes mix

    the best selling tastes are:

    Melakiwi vaporart

    liquorice vaporart

    Virginia vaporart

    ry4 Liquids vaporart

    Liquid vaporart virginia

    liquor vaporart dvd


    Vitruviano's Juice

    In this category on smo-king shop you will find the best liquids for electronic cigarette of the Italian brand Vitruviano's Juice, available in the various formats produced and made thanks to the use of the best raw materials rigorously made in Italy. In addition to the traditional creamy and fruity liquids perfect to be vaped on clouid chasing atomizers you will also find tabacco versions (suitable for MTL Vape) of the eliquids donn'amalia and positano made in 20 ml mix format in collaboration with Azhad's Elixirs with the name of "Leaf" collection.


    As in the famous artwork Vitruvian Man, the Vitruvian evolves and enriches his collection, after making every single Vitruviano aroma, the collection of electronic cigarette eliquids in the ready-to-use 10 ml format perfect for lovers of intense and authentic flavors.


    • VITRUVIANO'S JUICE Amalfi 10 ml
    • VITRUVIANO'S JUICE Donn'Amalia 10 ml
    • VITRUVIANO'S JUICE Positano 10 ml
    • VITRUVIANO'S JUICE Capri 10 ml
    • VITRUVIANO'S JUICE Front Lake 10 m