Monkeynaut flavor10ml


In this category you can find aromas for electronic cigarettes by monkeynaut, born in 2017 in italy launch a good line of aromas for neutral electronic diluent for cigarettes, find the tastes:

Sweetner: Sweetener to correct your liquids

Watermelon: Aroma flavor reflecting the watermelon

Mojito: Taste that perfectly reflects the classic drink

Cracker: The sweet taste of crecker the sweet salty that will not disappoint you

Butter: Aroma flavored with butter to associate it with any awesome aroma

Milk: Aroma that you can combine with an infinity of tastes to create your perfect mix

Berry mix: The classic mix of fresh, sweet and sour berries at the same time

Strawberry: Strawberry flavor that you can unleave on my own, I combine with other flavors to get great mixes

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Monkeynaut Eucalyptus Cool Aroma 10 ml Available from Smo-King the Concentrated Flavors, in 10 ml bottle made by Monkeynaut; the famous manufacturer that has brought back many flavors of Electronic Cigarette Liquids in concentrated aroma format. Lots of Creamy and Fruity Flavors are waiting for you which you can vap with the Electronic Cigarette inside your favorite Atomizer.
€5.00 -30%
Tax included
Monkeynaut Caipiroska Aroma 10 ml Available from Smo-King the Concentrated Flavors, in 10 ml bottle made by Monkeynaut; the famous manufacturer that has brought back many flavors of Electronic Cigarette Liquids in concentrated aroma format. Lots of Creamy and Fruity Flavors are waiting for you which you can vap with the Electronic Cigarette inside your favorite Atomizer.