Monkeynaut flavor10ml


In this category you can find aromas for electronic cigarettes by monkeynaut, born in 2017 in italy launch a good line of aromas for neutral electronic diluent for cigarettes, find the tastes:

Sweetner: Sweetener to correct your liquids

Watermelon: Aroma flavor reflecting the watermelon

Mojito: Taste that perfectly reflects the classic drink

Cracker: The sweet taste of crecker the sweet salty that will not disappoint you

Butter: Aroma flavored with butter to associate it with any awesome aroma

Milk: Aroma that you can combine with an infinity of tastes to create your perfect mix

Berry mix: The classic mix of fresh, sweet and sour berries at the same time

Strawberry: Strawberry flavor that you can unleave on my own, I combine with other flavors to get great mixes