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The Lemonade House

Available at Smo-king the ready liquids in the 10 ml format TPD ready with and without nicotine from the English company The Lemonade House. Try the most delicious and refreshing lemonade liquid on the vape scene for your electronic cigarette. Lemonade House is the eliquid suitable for all types of e-cigarettes on cloud chasing atomizers and not necessarily on high performance hardware, therefore also entry level. Lemonade liquids in various variations with different fruity combinations will win you over if you love fruit and sweet liquids. For convenience, the package contains 3 pcs of 10 ml bottles. The lemonade house offers its liquids in various declinations and different interpretations, from the traditional to the more refreshing thanks to the use of various combinations with different types of fruit in the design of fidelity to the original taste and in search of combinations of fruity flavors well balanced. Always refreshing, these liquids will satisfy you, word of Lemonade House.


Lemonade House Sparkles

Lemonade House Summer

Lemonade House Traditional

Lemonade House Elegant Fix

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